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Forums > Living in Kunming > What is my best option to sell a service online?

Hey guys!

I wish to sell online language lessons. It would be geared towards Chinese learners.

I want to be legit and pay taxes...and be able to get a residence permit, so I'm guessing I need to set up a company but I'm wondering which kind since I wouldn't be selling a physical product. Wfoe? Or is there a special status for online companies?

I'm a bit lost when it comes to finding relevant info, especially as it looks like it depends a lot on the place you want to settle in. There seems to be a lot of companies helping you to set up your own in Shanghai for example, but what about Kunming or Dali?
Thanks for reading and thanks for your help.

Have a great day!


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We were drooling looking at the menu, but the dishes turned out to be tiny and insipid.
I suggest adding a pinch of love and passion in the kitchen and a big table spoon of hospitality in the management.

(Heated reaction. First review ever. First time I wonder how a manager can be that inhospitable too. Anyway, love and peace, hope you'll improve and make it in this cruel hospitality industry.)