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Forums > Living in Kunming > Spring City Paradise

Average temperatures in April and May in the UK is 12/5° and 14/8°
Rainfall : 59mm and 58mm

Average temperature in kunming in February is 16/4°

Rainfall : under 10mm

Feels spring like to me.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Rural Teaching jobs

There are several charity and NGO programs that place English teachers in rural schools around Yunnan. Food and board should be covered but you won't recieve a salary beyond some token sum. As others said rural yunnan is a world apart from Chinese cities, life is tough but people are friendly.

I'll post some links later

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

I've recently been apartment hunting. A 1 bedroom (not studio) inside the second ring road averages from 1900 in a new high rise to 1400 in an older building with no elevator. Prices obviously vary according to location, whether it is facing south and condition.

It's possible to find a place for less of you're willing to rent a ground floor unrenovated olderplace with limited public transport that's facing North.

Forums > Living in Kunming > International Shipping With China Post

The post office at Beijing lu (云南省-昆明市-官渡区-北京路225号北京路) has always done a good job of shipping small / medium personal parcels. They are the main handling centre for parcels going abroad so they're knowledgeable about procedure and pricing.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > kunming-jinghong (xishuangbanna) bus

There is also a bus leaving every 30 mins

from kunming south coach station. Prices range 198-260 depending on the time and quality of bus.

You can buy tickets online on qunar or if your Chinese is limited, ctrip. Not sure about the length of the journey as the road is constantly being upgraded, 3 years ago it was around 7 hours


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Getting away: Mile

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Don't worry, it's not visible while you're riding an inflatable crustacean in a human sized hotpot and can be easily avoided. ;)

Getting away: Mile

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You guys forgot to mention the eponymous Mile Buddha! There's a big statue / temple complex up a hill about 15 minutes out of town.


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