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Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for sidekicks

damn boy, fo real?

im intrigued to know where this KunMingGangsta playa is from lol

i think i could qualify as a fine chica that can hold a nigga down so its a two in one situation for you that makes it 500kuai a night

believe this is worth it

please holla at me lol

Forums > Living in Kunming > CLUB ON Saturday Night.WANNA COME???

Hi my name is nancy im a tall black girl of 22 who likes to party.

Im currently a teacher and have been living in kunming for a while im not a potential candidate for you but i like to go clubbing and im looking for a new partner in crime ive always been good friends with gay guys.

if you want to be friends and party hard in kundu just send me a message ;D


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Its a bar,thats all i need to say.Don t order any type of food here because its pricy and you definitly wont get your moneys worth.

Just go to some other place and bring your food.If you order something be sure that it will be cold and wont be tasty.