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Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rate RMB to EUR

I was just looking at the exchange rate from EUR to RMB at the bank of china and I wonder about the gap between "buying rate" and "cash buying rate"?
Can somebody explain, how to get the normal buying rate?
I saw, that not on all currencies the gap is as big? for example: USD, there is about no real difference?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Using internet in Yunnan as a tourist

thank you, i have to decide, eighter take my smartphone or my tablet without phone possiblility. I do not want to take both with me, normally I would prefer the tablet...because easier readable..

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Using internet in Yunnan as a tourist

again one question. In some countries, at some wifi hotspots, you need also a telephone/sim to set up your wifi password. You have to send back a confirmation to get your wifi password worked.. Is it also this way in yunnan? If so, it would be better to take my smartphone with me, instead of the tablet and buy a low cost prepaid sim...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > offline translater chinese

thank you all. I already downloaded the google translate offline chinese language pack to my android tablet. Seems to work perfect offline if you cut the network.
More than i need... Tks


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