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Forums > Living in Kunming > Water pressure/ Hot water problems (plumber?)

If you have the wrenches, open open the hot water hoses for the poor water pressure faucets - you MIGHT be able to flush out the crud that's causing the drop in pressure AND you can verify if each respective hose is actually generating water pressure. Our kitchen faucet is right next to the solar water outlet and gets the absolutely worst water pressure - because it got crud in it from one of the occasional water main upgrades. Just make sure you have the usually white colored teflon plumber's tape to re-wrap the threaded joints, to help reduce leakage. Also - crappy chinese plumbing supplies from mom n pop stores - the tape helps cover up the crappy threading, which causes the slow dripping leaks.

Cruise around your neighborhood and look at the various mom n pop stores that specialize in selling plumbing supplies and equipment - they MIGHT be able to refer a guy or do it themselves but it's hit and miss.

You can also ask your neighbors or the facility maintenance company for referrals (wuyi?) - but finding a "professional is really hit and miss - even with referrals - that's just personal experience. Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunnan Nationalities University is it worth it?

You should check with the international students office or the university's foreign affairs office directly, as they are responsible for tracking your movements to the public security (police).

You can probably ask those same university officers to help you find off-campus housing - as long as you're willing to pay a significant premium as most agents and property owners prefer long-term leases (≥ 1 year).

Best of luck and hope your short term stay is positively memorable.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Health Certificate in English

Firstly - there is no such thing as the COVID "passport".

As for the health check passport - the Yunnan government issues a formal government health check passport-sized booklet as follows - but it is NOT a COVID passport, nor is there any COVID test result within.

The Yunnan International Travel Hygiene Healthcare Center responsible amongst other things, for the health checks of foreigners seeking long-term visas (work, family stay, student, etc) issues a bilingual "health check book" along with a full A4 page report.

Cost is about CNY 487. They do a standard physical - so there's no COVID specific test. Currently - you have to present the Yunnan Green Healthcheck certificate (online check - easy to do and complete with near instantaneous response) before you can enter the facility.

The tests currently only take a few hours to complete (because most foreigners blocked from entering china) and they can provide the booklet and test results within a week - usually faster.

You can find info about this facility right here on Gokm's listings section - but for ease of use - please follow this gokm link:


Forums > Study > Internship for international students

zhaopin.com is one of many good places to start for English speaking jobs. Chances are - if the job posting is in English, you're halfway in the door (assuming you also have the quals).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Mosquito Net

We tried the floor length drapes - but Kunming mosquitoes are patient and always seemed to find their ways inside, so we used the tents to trap the pesky insects inside with us. A bright flashlight and a bug zapper also help facilitate a good nite's rest.


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I was surprised to see the attempted severance of ties - truly a slap in the face, so glad to see common sense has returned - although this kind of behavior perhaps is regrettably indicative of a dark undercurrent within Australian society.



I found Beijing Yingke through their ad on the gokunming website.

I recently used Beijing Yingke to take care of a rather complicated real estate transaction. After finally gathering all the required documents as specified - we actually managed to successfully complete the entire process in a single visit with no requirements for "additional documents" or "extra procedures".


The attorneys were polite, tolerant of infinitely many questions, professional, courteous, and most of all - professional and competent.
The law firms fees were an acceptable increment above local fees, to account for the multi-lingual requirements.

Most importantly - the requested transaction was completed on the first pass with no additional documentation or procedures - which is a stunning accomplishment and nod towards Beijing Yingke's professional knowledge in this sector.

Five Star rating - highly recommend.


Just stopped by Wicker Basket Beichen again to stock up on frozen pizzas, frozen pies (chicken, beef), cheese, and sliced ham (ask them to slice it for you). Love this place - simple decor, polite helpful nice staff - nothing fancy - but gets the job done.


Finally got around to using Salvador's delivery service - tried it out on the chicken burrito and their bag of nacho chips. Delivery was flawless despite being a bit out of area (≥4km) and the food was still warm.

First experience - excellent (5 stars).

Excellent as always - even with long distance delivery. Now if only the online menu was expanded a little (like the chicken strips...hint hint hint...nudge nudge...wink wink).


Just stopped into Prague Beichen for dinner a few nights ago - and I'm shocked at how good their food is - five star international hotel quality. Even the fruit-based drink was made from genuine fruit - as opposed to the usual domestic fare of fruit syrup with chunks of fruit added. The food was well-presented and "plated".

The restaurant itself has had a major overhaul and now occupies both the ground floor and the second floor - well illuminated without being blinding, wide open and airy space (2nd floor), nice attentive but non-intrusive service, and reasonable prices for excellent cuisine.

Will absolutely return several times more, to savor and experience other menu items.

A pleasant surprise and culinary delight - great place for a date or even a quiet business meeting. Excellent atmosphere.


Excellent coffee, tea, and simple meals - to include waffles and various incarnations of sandwiches. Ground floor is NO SMOKING, second floor (where they hide the bathrooms), SMOKING.

Extraordinarily popular place - beautiful location, typical service for Kunming - which means when it's good, it's stellar, when it's bad - it's terrifying - so they have a quality consistency problem that's reflected in the various staff and shifts.

However - it's still a great place to meet, hang out, chill, relax, etc. Just remember to DIY (do it yourself) most of the time.