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There are a wealth of professional management, project management, etc opportunities coming to Yunnan and the greater south, west, and central provinces of China. China and especially the inland provinces lack professional management across all sectors, so for a limited time, the windows will open for expat leadership in the areas of high tech, rural and municipal agricultural and environmental sectors, renewable energy sectors (NOT utility scale), healthcare, IT, etc ad infinitum.

China is still a developing country, despite the outward appearances which technology masks, especially in the inland provinces and these are the focus of the 13th Five Year Plans and beyond. EVERY economic industrial sector will see growth, once freed from the shackles of corruption and government innovative sloth.

Japan and even the USA went through the same processes with each successive industrial revolution as those countries geared up again and again, to become world class players and leaders.

Teaching is still an absolutely mandatory requirement, but teaching will migrate to bi-lingual English Chinese, as it already has in many advance management programs.

Several years ago - it was rare to find experienced or certified project managers - PMI certified project managers are beginning to ramp up - even here in the inland.

One can wait for the opportunities to arrive, or create them one's self. The Kunming expat restaurateurs and even the gokunming website are excellent examples of pioneers breaking ground in the west of China. The international five star hotels - while not always perfectly successful, are also harbingers of things to come.

2018 marks the year when China's protectionist barriers will begin to come down (albeit, Chinese style). Even with a domestic growth of 4-5%, this still far exceeds the growth rate of developed countries' economies - and those foreign companies are coming for a slice of that pie, but windows of opportunity don't remain open forever and China is an incredibly quick study - they already occupy several of the top slots for super computing technologies, despite US embargoes on those leading edge technologies. China has yet to field its own domestically designed and produced jet engines. Healthcare IT systems and electronic patient record systems are a virtual greenfield. And of course, the financial sector will absolutely begin sucking global talents into China.

Alibaba recently co-produced the latest Star Trek movie - China's domestic movie economy, which is also part of its soft power projection, is ramping up, and all the related industries that go with it (such as advertising agencies).

China has domestic products which are greenfield in most foreign countries, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine - still regarded by the west as superstition, but increasingly gaining respect and prominence as a science based alternative to traditional western medicine.

On top of all that - responsibly managed companies as opposed to the typical meat grinders that have become the global standard - example employee owned companies.

China suffers from massive pollution, over-fertilization and pesticide pollution, heavy metal pollution of the food chains. Massive opportunities if one can develop business cases and revenue models NOT dependent on sucking money out of Beijing - hence the government's increasing focus on PPP (Public Private Partnerships). Even Japan's newly elected government has announced an incredulous growth plan of 20% over the next five years, in time for the Tokyo Olympics, heavily based on the PPP model.

Opportunities are virtually infinite. The massive uptick in English language training schools in Kunming alone should be an indicator of change - as the result is directly opposite what one would expect given the decrease in significance in the gaokao.

And I wax economically evangelical on economic opportunities in China, especially the South, West, and Central provinces. As for the alleged economic differences between XiJinPing and Li KeQiang - I believe Xi has marked the long-term strategy of China - the strengthening of domestic infrastructure, starting with a lattice of high speed rail networks. Li is probably more focused on the shorter term goals of sustainable prosperity, so I don't currently see them as conflicting, but mutually complementary (just my opinion based on virtually zero knowledge of what those two and their respective supporting organizations are really up to).

Many of the more senior university level expat English teachers I've had the good fortune and honor to meet, typically seed their classes heavily with work experience from their respective fields of expertise, to include extensive industry experience.

Change is coming - and we all know, people hate change - even if it's for the arguably "better".

Google and others make profit from spam mail - those annoying click ads (THANK YOU gokm for NOT falling into that trap) - but China's equivalent and some may say copied social media platforms are executing a plethora of social service ecosystems (in addition to ads) - as the recent gokm WECHAT thread opined.

The opportunities for cross-pollination are infinite. It's not traditional warfare, but the opportunities for economic pioneers and heroes, who demonstrate social responsibility above pure profit is right here in front of us.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Leaving China

We plan to move within China, but for family and environmental issues. Yunnan in general is high altitude and I'm a coastline kind of person, with the seafood itch - not that frozen crap that's shipped in and sits in the freezer until ordered...and we all KNOW chinese restaurants pay no heed to food safety and expiration dates.

Yunnan is full of non-english teaching professional opportunities and the clamp down on corruption makes this province finally an even better place for the future.

I'll always maintain residence here for business purposes, but it's time to spoil myself and the wife and work steadily towards the partial exit plan.


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This cafe is actually in the Yunda Green Lake campus and connected to the French Language school operated by Alliance Francais or the French Alliance.

It's mentioned elsewhere that pastries are provided by A Table down the street on Beimen Jie.

Aside from the no-smoking ban (since it's on-campus in Yunda) - it's a nice, quiet, smoke free and pleasant environment to rest, read, and relax for bit - if you happen to be on-campus and can't find a place to sit.


I found Beijing Yingke through their ad on the gokunming website.

I recently used Beijing Yingke to take care of a rather complicated real estate transaction. After finally gathering all the required documents as specified - we actually managed to successfully complete the entire process in a single visit with no requirements for "additional documents" or "extra procedures".


The attorneys were polite, tolerant of infinitely many questions, professional, courteous, and most of all - professional and competent.
The law firms fees were an acceptable increment above local fees, to account for the multi-lingual requirements.

Most importantly - the requested transaction was completed on the first pass with no additional documentation or procedures - which is a stunning accomplishment and nod towards Beijing Yingke's professional knowledge in this sector.

Five Star rating - highly recommend.


Just stopped by Wicker Basket Beichen again to stock up on frozen pizzas, frozen pies (chicken, beef), cheese, and sliced ham (ask them to slice it for you). Love this place - simple decor, polite helpful nice staff - nothing fancy - but gets the job done.


Finally got around to using Salvador's delivery service - tried it out on the chicken burrito and their bag of nacho chips. Delivery was flawless despite being a bit out of area (≥4km) and the food was still warm.

First experience - excellent (5 stars).

Excellent as always - even with long distance delivery. Now if only the online menu was expanded a little (like the chicken strips...hint hint hint...nudge nudge...wink wink).


Just stopped into Prague Beichen for dinner a few nights ago - and I'm shocked at how good their food is - five star international hotel quality. Even the fruit-based drink was made from genuine fruit - as opposed to the usual domestic fare of fruit syrup with chunks of fruit added. The food was well-presented and "plated".

The restaurant itself has had a major overhaul and now occupies both the ground floor and the second floor - well illuminated without being blinding, wide open and airy space (2nd floor), nice attentive but non-intrusive service, and reasonable prices for excellent cuisine.

Will absolutely return several times more, to savor and experience other menu items.

A pleasant surprise and culinary delight - great place for a date or even a quiet business meeting. Excellent atmosphere.