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The USA expends a great deal of resources in this effort, as it allegedly and reportedly costs the IP owners somewhere in the vicinity of USD 3 billion in lost revenues.

Now, if the USA could just expend a similar KPI measured effort to combat the USD 100 BILLION a year in illicit casual drug use in the USA and focus on helping our neighbors, such as Mexico shake off the terrorist yolk of organized crime racking their country, because of our addiction to feeling good through substance abuse.

Hopefully, this opinion isn't too far off topic.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Police certificate of no criminal records

Your BEST solution is to contact one of the law firms that advertise on here (because they're bilingual...sort of and bad reviews will kill an advertiser here quickly, so the law firms are usually positively reviewed).

NOT that that's a qualification for reliability and fairness, but it's a good start in lieu of no information.

If you need assistance with the law firms, You MAY want to PM @longdragon (assuming he's still in country) as he knows BOTH law firms who've advertised here. He can help refer you fee-based (if it's troublesome) or gratis (if you just need a referral - the threat or knowledge of an in-country buddy can help get things done to your satisfaction).

Don't forget - once you get the police certification - it'll need to be notarized (probably), translated, then notarized again (or translated and notarized), for authenticity.

Good luck getting this done remotely. What a pain.


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I found Beijing Yingke through their ad on the gokunming website.

I recently used Beijing Yingke to take care of a rather complicated real estate transaction. After finally gathering all the required documents as specified - we actually managed to successfully complete the entire process in a single visit with no requirements for "additional documents" or "extra procedures".


The attorneys were polite, tolerant of infinitely many questions, professional, courteous, and most of all - professional and competent.
The law firms fees were an acceptable increment above local fees, to account for the multi-lingual requirements.

Most importantly - the requested transaction was completed on the first pass with no additional documentation or procedures - which is a stunning accomplishment and nod towards Beijing Yingke's professional knowledge in this sector.

Five Star rating - highly recommend.


Just stopped by Wicker Basket Beichen again to stock up on frozen pizzas, frozen pies (chicken, beef), cheese, and sliced ham (ask them to slice it for you). Love this place - simple decor, polite helpful nice staff - nothing fancy - but gets the job done.


Finally got around to using Salvador's delivery service - tried it out on the chicken burrito and their bag of nacho chips. Delivery was flawless despite being a bit out of area (≥4km) and the food was still warm.

First experience - excellent (5 stars).

Excellent as always - even with long distance delivery. Now if only the online menu was expanded a little (like the chicken strips...hint hint hint...nudge nudge...wink wink).


Just stopped into Prague Beichen for dinner a few nights ago - and I'm shocked at how good their food is - five star international hotel quality. Even the fruit-based drink was made from genuine fruit - as opposed to the usual domestic fare of fruit syrup with chunks of fruit added. The food was well-presented and "plated".

The restaurant itself has had a major overhaul and now occupies both the ground floor and the second floor - well illuminated without being blinding, wide open and airy space (2nd floor), nice attentive but non-intrusive service, and reasonable prices for excellent cuisine.

Will absolutely return several times more, to savor and experience other menu items.

A pleasant surprise and culinary delight - great place for a date or even a quiet business meeting. Excellent atmosphere.


Excellent coffee, tea, and simple meals - to include waffles and various incarnations of sandwiches. Ground floor is NO SMOKING, second floor (where they hide the bathrooms), SMOKING.

Extraordinarily popular place - beautiful location, typical service for Kunming - which means when it's good, it's stellar, when it's bad - it's terrifying - so they have a quality consistency problem that's reflected in the various staff and shifts.

However - it's still a great place to meet, hang out, chill, relax, etc. Just remember to DIY (do it yourself) most of the time.