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Forums > Living in Kunming > Dahon folding bikes

Thanks Voltaire and Lester, I found an excellent P8 at the Bike Mart. Anyone want to go riding around the lake or around town some weekend, let me know.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dahon folding bikes

I agree that they arent nearly as good off road. But in crowded Chinese cities, nothing beats a Dahon for their nimble ability to ride through crowds of people, bringing the bike inside bars and restaurants, carrying them up narrow stairwells ETC. I find the ability to carry the bike in Taxis, buses, trains, planes, the subway a huge plus, and they really are as fast as mountain bikes unless the bike has slicks on them. I've ridden 1000s of KM's in several Chinese cities and find them indispensable. I did find a P8 a couple hours ago so no need to answer my post. Thanks for the well meaning advice all :)


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Excellent food and great prices. Service is very courteous. In China one must learn to get the servers' attention, that is the custom here. Never had a mistake on my bill.