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Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet not working today?

@tigertiger yeah that’s our problem, no phone socket on each floor. So router at the bottom me at the top and wireless extenders do nothing.
Think I’ll pull out some cupboards and have a look behind, maybe I’ve missed a socket.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet not working today?

Since I've been in China I've had several upgrades on my mobile/data packages as they were not doing the job good enough. Every time it starts out great but within six months the package needs upgrading. I usually fight it for a while but in the end I have to get the upgraded package.
Either the internet data is getting really fat (which it is but not that fast) or I feel I'm being misled.
My current monthly package run out of data a few days back and is running a restricted data stream already.


Does anyone know the best provider + package on offer here in Kunming at the moment? I'm willing to change providers, numbers etc as with most modern people these days, the internet is an important part of everything I do.

For the Phone by the way not home, with the home Wifi I just have to live with China's peak traffic times as the only problem. Oh and extending my router signal as it's pretty weak seems as I'm on the other side of the house to the router but that's a simpler problem.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet speed and reliability using VPN

Definitely time makes a big difference in the past few months. Previously anytime you could get a half decent connection with Express but now it's just during the day and the evenings (usually from about 9/10pm) it slows to an unbelievable crawl.

Gave up on using evenings mostly.


No results found.


@geogramatt I've noticed they like to start as early as nursery (like my sons class) in some places now so that's got to be an improvement in thinking. I remember back in the day as a 5 year old starting swimming lessons in the UK. We never had our own school pool but would be taken to the local swimming pool on lesson days.

Maybe but the area is already known for it as the article says :

"Yuanmou County is already the celebrated home of the eponymously named Yuanmo Man — a distant ancestor of modern humans discovered in 1965. The prefecture also claims Yunnan's one and only Dinosaur Valley (恐龙谷)"



Been here several times lately and every time I've enjoyed my meal. Don't know why some others have said it was pricey, the price has always seemed fair to me :)