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@jj123 as purges have shown in the past, if someone really wants to be an a**hole they'll just come up with a new email and be back annoying everyone in no time.
I remember some guy a fair while back claiming to be the worlds top chef, he would turn every thread into a state of bickering and must of came to the site in countless guises lol.

As for the degeneration of help here, there's still the odd diamond in the rough. Just harder to find when most topics have already been exhausted. There's only so much that can be talked about Kunming I guess.

Forums > Living in Kunming > KMG WeChat Groups?

What country you from? Helps narrow it down as there is some groups for different nationalities. Being British I know the UK expat one.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet not working today?

@napav being a house without the usual structure, the extra sockets were actually placed down the middle originally. I'd have to swing across from one side to the other to have any chance of making connection as the floors in the middle are all taken out for top floor glass ceiling.

Man of your experience sounds like he may have some experience in this area of swinging?


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I was thinking the same with the way it would've been played out in court. I'm sure the owners aren't worrying about paying their kids tuition fees or even next months meals compared to some of the workers.

It get's easier upon learning the way's of doing things, kind of becoming an automation on the regular things.
I've been here 4 and a half years learning a little all the time but the language never perfectly sticks, just slowly grows. It's a tough challenge especially when like JanJal my local spouse contributes quite a lot when I have trouble. It's something I think is always worth keeping up with if you're going to stay for any long length of time.

A fave :

"A year from now you may wish you had started today."

― Karen Lamb



Been here several times lately and every time I've enjoyed my meal. Don't know why some others have said it was pricey, the price has always seemed fair to me :)