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Forums > Living in Kunming > VPN:s still working?

Any updates on how fellow Express users are doing with connection issues yet?

It’s been a dry few days and Saturday is always my biggest use day. I’d be happy to hear if it’s a general issue for everyone still or if I try a bit harder there’s a way to solve now the celebrations are cooling.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Laptop language change

No need to debate then but I’ll just point out that you’ve rewritten what I was saying to make it sound like you’ve misunderstood my points anyway.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Laptop language change

@viyida so the file is legal?

Probably no, which usually depending on source can carry other not so helpful malware with installation.

Yes/no ?

Edit: Just see you uploaded it yourself lol


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With the total earnings over the past four years being 7.6 billion dollars there's no way dishing out fines of about four hundred thousand dollars is going to make a dent. It just becomes part of their business expenses!
Bit harsh as I'm labeling all of them as trading the same way saying it like that but I'd bet it's quite a large chunk of them.

+1 For that BBC article, reading it the other day and thought it was one of those that can catch lots of peoples interest in a subject. Not just the telescope but the rest it goes on to discuss as well.



Been here several times lately and every time I've enjoyed my meal. Don't know why some others have said it was pricey, the price has always seemed fair to me :)