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Forums > Living in Kunming > How can an expat get a Chinese work visa as a cons

Best thing to be fully legal would be to set up your own WFOE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) but you'll need a minimum starting capital (Guangzhou is 200-300,000rmb, don't know about Kunming). You'll also need to get an office for the business address. You then emit yourself as owner, get Z visa & convert to work permit & residence visa.

Forums > Living in Kunming > The Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

I read that yesterday & to be honest thought it very plausible & something I wouldn't put past the American secret services to do based on their previous history of pulling stunts to try to have things their way.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Employment Process

@ Long-Dragon,
My apologies to you. I use a number of English language forums in China & you get a lot of visa/WP questions asked with responses from agents working for companies offering advice & then charging. I jumped to the wrong conclusion here.


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"Kunming was more recently thought to be in the hunt for a new Chinese Super League franchise. Rumors were rampant that European coaching legend Sven-Göran Eriksson was considered a front-runner to run the team, but nothing ever came from such efforts."

Sven is past it! He's done nothing in his time in China at GZ Fuli, SIPG or Shenzhen.

@Janjal, good point about 15 years old & marriage. What about these (combined) points:

"while the other two are working in another city. Their parents have promised the two children will return to school next semester."

"A kid working in the city can bring back 20,000 yuan [US$3,000] a year," an official at a county-level education bureau in Yunnan told local media in 2014"

So local officials are condoning children working illegally underage? First quote is more valid as it refers directly to this case! They know two of the kids are working illegally & havent dome anything about it except get "promises" from the parents that they'll send them back to school "next semester"!

"However, business owners such as Mr Zhao, who spent six million yuan (US$870,000) to open a guesthouse, worries about his livelihood and those of his employees. He blames government inaction and "hasty decisions" for the entire situation, saying:"

Well maybe if he'd built his guesthouse properly with connections to sewage, etc he wouldn't be in this position now...


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