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Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

Bloody hell there’s some misogynistic old farts here! Slinky Chinese women in qipaos? Attractive western women with boyfriends should dress like salafist Muslims?

And what the fuck are “traditional women with traditional values”?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

@bubblyian, that’s some shit you’ve posted...”divorce tourism”. You’re assuming the Chinese wife already has a visa to husbands “western country” & especially in the YS can afford a divorce lawyer.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Motorbike tour to Chengdu

@ debaser. Getting a Chinese license the way you state is easy IF you have a visa that allows >90 data entry each visit. So basically a resident permit. You can’t legally get a long term Chinese driving license on s tourist visa.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Satnav in Kunming

I bought a Satnav 6 years ago when I first started driving here. Had the pinyin version installed. Horrible software & interface. Searching was a nightmare.

I’ve been using my iPhone for the last 4-5 years.

The latest version of Apple Maps is very good. Data is from 高德地图 (Autonavi) & it gives lane directions & camera/traffic warnings. It’s not great for saving locations so outside cities for regular locations I use Autonavi (English version). It’s very good but has a few small bugs.

Baidu maps is very good if you can deal with it being in Chinese

Forums > Travel Yunnan > SIM cards for dummies please

Your iPhone 7 probably won’t work on China Mobile as already stated but to double check try Also double check it’s not network locked before leaving home.


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Great article but interesting that there is no mention that this wonderful place is about to be drastically reduced in size. If you want to see it as shown then GO NOW! The government is about to demolish loads of it and reduce the numbers of monks and laypeople by a huge amount. Unfortunately can't give you a link that doesn't require a VPN.

Greed which way HFCAMPO? The local government imposing the 80 kuai charge, local businesses or both?

I've been to Huangyao Guzhen in Guangxi a couple of times now. It's 100 kuai a ticket to get in there. IF the money gets spent on the infrastructure & renovations/repairs then find. Big problem is if it gets siphoned away elsewhere.....


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