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Forums > Study > L visa to work or study visa

@ Tigertiger it won’t just be a border run to get a Z-visa. It’s geberally a trip back to home country unless you’re lucky in HK but us read that’s not easy now.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Options for residence permit extension

Your current work permit would not need to change until it is renewed. You need to renew your passport & then transfer your resident permit into it. Then go to bank, etc to update accounts.

There is a 30-day “humanitarian” visa that can be issued at the end of your resident permit but it needs an empty page in your passport.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner’s work permit card

@michael2015. I’ve got Alipay & Wechat linked to my UK passport only using the actual passport number, no need for extra digits. I’ve never, from memory, linked/uploaded my resident permit when it has changed.

I agree he should contact Alipay customer services but the problems won’t be caused by what you suggested. Possibly an issue with linking bank card & passport. Sometimes bank staff add our names slightly differently to our passports. That then causes problems.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner’s work permit card

@ Kongming. No, the new work permit cards are useless.

You need to check what you’re entering wrong on Alipay. It’s fine with my (British) passport. Are you entering your name correctly?


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Great article but interesting that there is no mention that this wonderful place is about to be drastically reduced in size. If you want to see it as shown then GO NOW! The government is about to demolish loads of it and reduce the numbers of monks and laypeople by a huge amount. Unfortunately can't give you a link that doesn't require a VPN.

Greed which way HFCAMPO? The local government imposing the 80 kuai charge, local businesses or both?

I've been to Huangyao Guzhen in Guangxi a couple of times now. It's 100 kuai a ticket to get in there. IF the money gets spent on the infrastructure & renovations/repairs then find. Big problem is if it gets siphoned away elsewhere.....


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