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Forums > Living in Kunming > Send books/clothes to Australia

@Michael hahaha thanks very much!! I will go and ask about the price sometime soon then. I've had some practice wrapping things, I had to wrap outdoor

technical equipment a few years ago to prepare for a hurricane and the scientists trying to unwrap it afterwards said they were glad I didn't buy them Christmas presents :D

Forums > Living in Kunming > Send books/clothes to Australia

@Michael hmm ok, thanks!! I can definitely make sure it's well packed. Will look into this. Do you happen to know if it's expensive or where the international post office is (no worries if not, thanks for your help(

I have a friend who sent stuff to Poland and it was I think ¥650 for 10kg and took 3 months but perhaps that was the normal post.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Send books/clothes to Australia

@dolphin, yes I should do that, but I move on average once every two years and it's getting expensive. Also most of the stuff I want to transport I will use more than other people (e.g. Old Chinese notebooks, electronic hobbyist parts, 7 pairs of old jeans which are probably too big for Chinese girls :D)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Send books/clothes to Australia


Has anyone sent large amounts of stuff overseas and can recommend which company /companies might be reliable and not too expensive?

I need to send maybe 30 to 50kg of books, clothes and electronic parts (no batteries) plus a few other household items to Australia, and not sure how to do that.

It's fine if it takes a long time so long as it gets there eventually.

Sorry if this is a duplicate thread, I couldn't find another one for large quantities easily. From what I've heard China post would be very expensive?

Thanks!! :)


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This is not kind, it's a good example of doing something without knowledge. She needs to be educated in environmental science. What happens to these animals when someone has to go out and control them all, usually by killing them, in order to stop them killing other species or eating the food of the native animals. It's neither kind to them or to other species, and in the end people blame the animals (e.g. Australia, cats, cane toads, rabbits, New Zealand, possums, stoats) when actually it was the unthinking actions of humans that caused the problem in the first place.


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