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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of living in Kunming 2015

yes Lipton tea with milk :D can't survive without it.

thanks all! useful info. so I guess if I can find a room it will be about 600-900rmb per month, I think that would be better than paying for an entire apartment myself if I can find one. I'd be studying at a private school so probably can't use the dorms.

Sounds like food might be about 30-50yuan per day, but maybe I should try to learn to cook at home more. I like spicy food and I'm mostly vegetarian but I'm not very strict.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of living in Kunming 2015

Hello, I'm thinking of coming to Kunming to study for 6 months.

Excluding study fees, how much money would I need to have saved per month?

If it's possible I would probably try to find a room in a share apartment to save money. I'm not very fussy (and also could survive without western toilets) but it would be good if it was reasonably clean and had a washing machine).

I probably wouldn't cook very much and would buy food at relatively cheap Chinese restaurants about once per day, or maybe dumplings at lunch. I don't really drink except for a lot of western tea.

Sorry if this is a repeat of another thread, if so please could you send me a link to the other one.


Forums > Study > Studying at 50...

I'd also suggest Keats they were very good and ask you what you want to learn then base lessons around it. When I was there there were about four guys over 60 out of the about 15 students that I knew.
It might be better to go for the one on one course if you can afford it, normally you can go a lot faster than in a group (at least that's my experience when learning Spanish, I haven't ever done group Chinese courses).


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This is interesting, in New Zealand we have a lot of wooden houses, at least partly because of earthquakes where they are more flexible. However in Australia where there are more fires brick is more common. Though probably also due to available materials and cost.


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