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Forums > Travel Yunnan > SIM Card in China

1. Yes. You can either get it at the big official shops and have it registered to your own passport or you can just buy one at places on the street and I have no idea who they're connected to.

2. China Mobile probably. If you're leaving the city a lot, definitely China Mobile.

3. Doubt it.

I actually have china Unicom because I can get 3g with my iPhone. there's something weird with iphones and 3g on China Mobile.

Checking the carrier sites directly might get you a coverage map. I don't know of one that compares them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kids' circle time and homeschooling partners

I have a daughter about to turn 3, and we'd love to have a regular meetup with other kids somewhere. Especially if there are other parents there for me to talk to :)

I've been "homeschooling" I suppose, but it's basic stuff because she's so young.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Swimming pool suggestions?

A cloth diaper cover works quite well as a swim diaper. You don't need them to be absorbent. Swim diapers only hold poop, not pee. I actually have some that I could give you, since we brought cloth to use for nighttime and Thora doesn't need them anymore (yeah!). They're pretty beat up, but they should fit.


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We went today and really enjoyed it! It was not terribly child-friendly, but we're huge nerds and read everything so our kid got bored. If the fossil exhibit opens soon, I'll be sure to take her back.


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