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Forums > Living in Kunming > Amazon Kindle 2

Thanks, Greg. Why does it indicate that Kindle content is not available in China? It's this seeming contradiction that is confusing to me and makes me wary of wasting my money.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Amazon Kindle 2

So on October 19th, Amazon released their Kindle 2 with international wireless. The wireless map says that there is coverage in Kunming, but the country list says that Kindles can't be shipped to China (no biggie, I can get one before I go) and Kindle content is not available.

Is there anyone with a new Kindle2 there who can tell me if the wireless does indeed work? I know I can transfer stuff over from my computer, but the wireless is half the point of the Kindle. It would be nice to have the NYT delivered wirelessly every day :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Expo Integer/Kunming Project?

Thanks Mike. It's nice to have an insider's view. How "green" is it really? It's easy to call something an eco-town, but I'd like to know what sort of features (active/passive solar, grey water recycling, recycled building materials, etc.) it has that would be green, rather than greenwashing.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Expo Integer/Kunming Project?

Does anyone know anything about this? I saw it mentioned in the Kunming Wikipedia article, but the reference link leads to a useless website run by the parent company Integer.

Here's the clip from the article:

The Kunming Project is located on a naturally vegetated site adjacent to the International Horticultural Expo, on the north-eastern fringes of Kunming City. The project comprises four prototype houses and a 2,000 m² Visitor Centre on a five hectare site. In 2006 the project was completed and is the first "intelligent & green" project in mainland China. Expo INTEGER Kunming is the first eco-town in southern China, with an emphasis on sustainable lifestyle, environmental protection and intelligent technology. The project aims to provide a focal point for the improvement of housing standards and building technology in the context of China. It will develop a sustainable housing and lifestyle model appropriate for the urbanization of the western region in China.


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We went today and really enjoyed it! It was not terribly child-friendly, but we're huge nerds and read everything so our kid got bored. If the fossil exhibit opens soon, I'll be sure to take her back.


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