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Forums > Living in Kunming > Chenggong Area?

Chenggong is a great place. Has everything now.. even a burger king, McDonald's, and a Walmart opening this year. Only two areas worth looking at though. So if you come you definitely need to know where to look, as much of it is empty. But the financial area, and the university town are very populated. There is even a microbrewery, and a french cafe. But again if you don't know where to look...I suggest getting a scooter and driving around Yunnan Normal University ask some students which way to explore. And look up the burger king that is here and explore that area as well.

Forums > Food & Drink > Hilton FuXianHu Mai Beer Festival

The Hilton is having a special beer/music festival and offering discounted hotel rates. But I cant find any real info on what this festival is offering. Has anyone heard about it too?

"MAIFEST BEER FESTIVAL Lakeside music festival, free flowing beer and rock & roll!"

Sounds nice, it's listed on the bottom of the Fuxian lake hilton webpage. But they have no details.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Relocating Cats from China to the U.S.

I took my dog to the US. I wasted a lot of time looking online how to do this. Waste of time. Bring your cat and it's "passport" and travel cage to your airlines office well before your flight. They will give you a paper receipt after you pay. Then with proof (any is sufficient) of it's shots bring your cat to the animal quarantine office, with the receipt . Your airline office can give you directions. They will give you a health certificate and an official rabies certificate. I did it in 1 day. I had no problems at customs.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Things to do in Chenggong 2016

Chenggong is a great place, especially for young people. We have a micro brewery, French cafe, American bars, live music, the best bbq and snack areas around, limitless college students, great SPA, gardens, cheap cost of living, a big number of foreigners living here, convenient subway, . Look for me on Wechat.


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