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Forums > Living in Kunming > How many foreigners are left?

If you walk down the street and some Chinese kid (or adult) points at you and says 'foreigner', then you are a foreigner. If not, then you are just another face in the crowd. Sorry to be so blunt.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Ctrip bloody hell

I think I'm going to call bullshit on that. I remember the old days when everyone had to memorize a number if you wanted to call anyone you had to remember the number or you were out of luck. Back in those days they had these big massive paper books with thousands/millions of these tiny numbers and and if you wanted your number listed you had to give your address that was then published so anyone could see it. Talk about the dark ages.


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'Fresh Air' also refers to a NPR radio series that focuses on liberal politics and women's issues. I'm almost certain she is referring to something like that. It may also refer to one's first significant travel to a different culture and the feeling one gets when one realizes that some cultures offer benefits that one might not have thought existed. Finally, this woman is a kid, and any political hyper-sensitivity is unnecessary, uncalled for, and pathetically naive. I don't care who said it.

One more thing. The Chinese usually drive relatively slowly. This one aspect of their driving culture is the key to survival on the road in any culture. It makes bad decisions avoid becoming fatal ones.

I don't like the Hollywood happy ending to this article. Road rage is a serious problem.

Rule number one here in China is everyone in front of you has the right of way. I don't care who it is whether it be an aggressive mother shoving people out of the way with her baby stroller or an 18-wheeler pulling out into ongoing traffic with horn at full tilt. Number two is if it weren't for cars, the taxes on cars, and the aholes that pay gas taxes to drive them, there wouldn't be the roads for us to get upset with them in the first place. Finally, I have seen many fights between cars and motorcycles. In my lifetime, the car has won every single battle. Don't push it.


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