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Hello Everybody (:
My name is Mikel, I've been living and studying Chinese for the past 4 months in Beijing and now in Dali.
I'm planning on passing the exam between April-June.
I have a few questions regarding the Hsk test:

1. Can I pass the test in Dali or do I have to go to Kunming?

2. I'm aiming on the hsk 5 but I would like to pass the hsk 4 just as a guarantee. can I do both exams in the same date? are different levels in different date or time?

3. Can I study for the exams by my self with the necessary books or would you strongly recommend to study in a specific program (I'm correctly studying in a little Chinese school in Dali school that don't have a specific hsk program)?

4. I've seen that in the hsk 5 there is a writing drill that you have to write a paragraph, do I use a pencil for writing the paragraph or a computer keyboard?

5. any other things you think I should know?

Thanks a lot In advance for any help!


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