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Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

Sorry for you and your situation it is never nice to hear of other peoples unhappiness, and separating and divorce is the only option and last resort if things can not be work out by discussing the problems, to me you sound like you are trying too do the right thing but maybe to hard, if you can not work things out between you may be you need some help what is her family like to get along with may be they can talk to your Girl only a thought. If nothing works you only have one door left to open. And it hurts for along time been there in the past, good luck to you both hope you can work things out.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do NOT marry a Chinese woman

My wife is Chinese we have been married 3+ years now and still in honeymoon mode may it never ends.
Fantastic wife I am treat like a king spoilt rotten, have to keep reminding her she is my WIFE not my SLAVE.
Finely convinced her I can brew coffee, and make a cup of tea, also can handle the kitchen to knock up a meal. Yankeeoo you are quite right what you say with Chinese and expressing their feelings in words you have to be patient and work on that side of things it will bear fruit in time and well worth the effort, and life just gets better all the time.

Very happy man from the west

Forums > Living in Kunming > Phone Police Scam 00 871110 or +871110

Been a few days since any posts about phone call's, on BTV tonight that it is rife all over and to be on your guard they are targeting a lot of young Chinese girls ringing them and telling them some one has stolen their IDs and that their bank accounts are in danger ring them an they will give a number to ring and transfer their accounts to a police bank where it will be safe some have done this. you can guess the outcome money vanish.


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Hi being new to this site and reading the story of the little lass Guo Conglan posted Frances Deram, we are semi residence of Kunming but living in Beijing at present will move back to Kunming buy Xmas been waiting two + years for our apartment to be complete, would like too make a donation to this fundraising, would like to communicate with Colin Flahive by email if possible, my contact is [email protected]

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