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Forums > Living in Kunming > Disposable chopsticks bad for nature

Well so far they are neatly packed in old shoeboxes. That'll change once the kid comes of age to play with them, but even then they are probably nicer to step on than Lego blocks (though I cannot see avoiding to get those too).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Disposable chopsticks bad for nature

With a small baby in the house, we find home delivery of food a big convenience, and end up with quite some disposable chopsticks that way.

I have understood that it is possible to ask to not include chopsticks in the deliveries, but either we often forget it or the stores ignore the request.

Anyway, what I do with the extra chopsticks, is store them unused and once the kid is older I will let him play and build something of them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > So What's the Scoop on the Water Shutdown

Well I think that it is not so much about surviving, as it is about being prepared.

And therein lies the problem.

People in general tend to overprepare, and when schedules change like this, they do it multiple times.

In case like this, when it is about water, the result is that people stock up water that they never end up using, which is bad for water conservation.

I will be first to admit that we stocked up water in every available bucket, including the washing machine and our baby's bath.

That water we then had to just give up, when water kept flowing and we needed those buckets for other things.

I'm pretty sure that across the whole Panlong district, this badly managed operation costed almost as much water as was saved in previous winter's water outages that were specifically done for water conservation.

Though, given my argumentation in this post, I'm not sure if those conservation efforts in past years produced any real conservation either - awareness perhaps, but maybe not more.

Forums > Living in Kunming > So What's the Scoop on the Water Shutdown

Is it possible that individual buildings or complexes have stopped water themselves in expectation to the district wide maintenance - which was rescheduled?

I can well imagine that some building managers would not bother to restart water and instead just wait for the postponed maintenance.


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Not sure if this applies to Italy visas, but for many other European countries:

The Joint Visa Application Center that used to be in Beichen, is now relocated to an office building at intersection of .Shibo Road and Bojin Avenue.

New address:
1501D, Building A, Low Carbon Business Center, No. 12 Shibo Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province 650000 China

I'm not a big fan of croissants anyway, and donuts I have not found in either of the establishments you mentioned.

@Dolphin: "savouring the croissant helps to cultivate appreciation. ie appreciating simple things rather than always feeling discontent that you don't have enough"

Perhaps, but it equally helps to cultivate ignorance of all the labor that has been put into creating that experience for you. At least I would allow you to feel discontent on behalf all the people who don't have enough, whether they had part in creating the croissant or not.

I't shouldn't anymore be about what you have or don't have, but what the other 7.7 billion (minus 1) people have or don't have. That's where the musings of Buddha (as quoted above) go wrong in this day and age.

There perhaps was a time, when embracing reality same way you would savour the croissant, could have been beneficial to achieving an enlightened state of mind.

But today, many would call such view on life quite the opposite of enlightened - it could be called ignorance or covering your eyes from all that is wrong. Perhaps that's suitable in Chinese context.

There, I connected the croissant to politics.

@sezuwupom : "JanJal is living the good life [...] Igor's delivers to your door."

You forgot to mention that I recycle and care for environment, which is why I would prefer to pick up my bakeries on my way rather than have someone on scooter deliver it wrapped in plastics. Even if it would leave the plastic maker and the scooter driver jobless. They could find new jobs in Just Hot, which I keep in business.

But I wish best of luck to Igor's. If location is everything, they have some catching up to do to reach out to potential customers like they are doing in this paid review..


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