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Forums > Living in Kunming > Provincial health authority?

I am currently in Changning in Baoshan with wife and family to help her father who is admitted to a local hospital for various illnesses.

Often my assigned role here is waiting with our baby at first floor of an inpatient building, while wife runs errands at the hospital.

As such, I constantly observe people walking in with cigarettes or sitting smoking under the "no smoking" signs - which are not optimally located to begin with.

Nobody in hospital seems to care.

I would like to report the hospital to some higher authority.

Is there a provincial bureau to supervise this kind of things, and does anyone know what it's name, or better yet web address or contact info, is?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Weibo users

@Peter99, @Mary123: ""files of us somewhere. Like "Stratocaster", "Alien", "JanJal" etc."

I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a file on me in China.

Besides here, I am also active commentator on Weibo in CGTN/CCTV News's stream, as well as People's Daily forum, both of which are tools for the party.

Occassionally I throw comments in CGTN's WeChat articles too, but those have very low getting through rate.

Anyway, don't hide my thoughts in any of those and the police have not yet come knowcking on my door and I've had no problems renewing my RP.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where would you go next?


No, not KL - too big, noisy, and polluted. Maybe Penang, or somewhere in vicinity of Singapore (as Chinese speaking state) could be easier integratable for my wife.

Of all the SE Asian countries, Malaysia just rings a bell with me. Perhaps it's marketing from the country.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where would you go next?

If the threat wasn't specifically DPRK, but something that really forced me to leave, I would also have to consider family which includes Chinese wife and a child (who is currently infant).

Furthermmore the kid currently doesn't even have ID or hukou yet, much less foreign passport, so it really depends on how fast we'd need to depart.

But given time to spare, our initial choice would obviously be to return to my home country in Europe since there we have at least some safety nets and easiest way to arrange residency for whole family. But I wouldn't have that as long term option.

In Asia-Pacific my preferred destinations would be Malaysia or New Zealand.

Work-wise I get revenue from abroad. We are just registering business in Kunming to remodel that revenue, but if we'd have to leave, we could just reregister anywhere else and keep going - which would also help to get residency pretty much anywhere affordable without finding new job.

Given threats that could force us to leave Kunming, I'd rate major earthquake higher than anything else - if we'd survive it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Buying SIM card

I suspect that they are now vigorously enforcing real name registration, and some shop staff just cannot comprehend how to input foreign passport holder's information.


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I'm not a big fan of croissants anyway, and donuts I have not found in either of the establishments you mentioned.

@Dolphin: "savouring the croissant helps to cultivate appreciation. ie appreciating simple things rather than always feeling discontent that you don't have enough"

Perhaps, but it equally helps to cultivate ignorance of all the labor that has been put into creating that experience for you. At least I would allow you to feel discontent on behalf all the people who don't have enough, whether they had part in creating the croissant or not.

I't shouldn't anymore be about what you have or don't have, but what the other 7.7 billion (minus 1) people have or don't have. That's where the musings of Buddha (as quoted above) go wrong in this day and age.

There perhaps was a time, when embracing reality same way you would savour the croissant, could have been beneficial to achieving an enlightened state of mind.

But today, many would call such view on life quite the opposite of enlightened - it could be called ignorance or covering your eyes from all that is wrong. Perhaps that's suitable in Chinese context.

There, I connected the croissant to politics.

@sezuwupom : "JanJal is living the good life [...] Igor's delivers to your door."

You forgot to mention that I recycle and care for environment, which is why I would prefer to pick up my bakeries on my way rather than have someone on scooter deliver it wrapped in plastics. Even if it would leave the plastic maker and the scooter driver jobless. They could find new jobs in Just Hot, which I keep in business.

But I wish best of luck to Igor's. If location is everything, they have some catching up to do to reach out to potential customers like they are doing in this paid review..

Went here one morning after grocery shopping in nearby Walmart.

No surprise, shelves were less than half-empty like they are in all upper scale bakeries I've visited in Kunming, specifically in the mornings before lunch.

They all seem to get stocked up few hours after lunch time, which for me is too late because I like to consume my sweets at home(=office) couple of hours after lunch, without making a separate trip for it.

Thus my staple bakeries remain from big and soulless chains like Just Hot, that have their donuts ready before 11am.

They also say time is a healer, and it takes time to grow. While time does get peope killed, it also helps greatly in reproduction. Without time, we would not have gotten where we are now - nor would we get to develop into extradimensional beings bound by neither space nor time, if we ban it now.

What I propose, is that we do not ban time, but instead develop ourselves beyond time, so that we no longer depend on it, and becomes indifferent to us.

On a related but more serious note, should humanity also develop beoynd organic in our feeding patterns?

For most people, things like "organic" or "free range" has already developed past hunting wild game and gathering roots and berries. For the minority that still practises such, our current methods to grow our food must appear as strange as eating protein grown in reactors would sound to many of us.


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