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Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

If "having to" leave the country amounts to being deported, I'm fairly certain that it goes to same category with the Chinese government paying the flight tickets in order to get the foreigner out of here. That is, they would pay to get you shot.

Under milder circumstances for the exit I don't know, but I suspect that having to leave the country will not allow one to get a jab any faster than foreigners here in general - unless one is in position of some added privileges.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Power of Attorney

Based on my experience, as long as the text content contains all the needed information in readable form, the form(at) is not so important.

But I do assume you'll be better off with a printout from Word or whatever, rather than hand-written...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Power of Attorney

For our company registration and subsequent administrative functions, we've had to prepare power of attorney documents on number of occasions, but I don't recall it ever requiring notarization or other official thing - and I believe it is notarization that you are looking for.

Self-written, signed and stamped A4, and our bank and other offices have been fine with it.

But perhaps your purpose for this is different, and it will require notarization - or even legalization elsewhere, if it is for international purpose.

For some personal documents that have required notarization, the office we have used is this:[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

At least my (foreign) insurance provider provides a "second opinion" service, which might be useful in some cases that don't necessarily require seeing in person.

In any case, if one has such insurance, might be worth to check what is their policy about vaccinating under special circumstances (such as heart conditions), or with the Chinese jab overall. In case there are complications, and you hope to be covered by the insurance.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Killing at school in Wuhua?


In some countries the education for police officers is not much more than education of chengguan in China.

It is also that elsewhere it is the responsibility of said police to do what is outsourced to chengguan in China, and for comparative figures one could get more realistic picture by seeking sources with that keyword.


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Went here one morning after grocery shopping in nearby Walmart.

No surprise, shelves were less than half-empty like they are in all upper scale bakeries I've visited in Kunming, specifically in the mornings before lunch.

They all seem to get stocked up few hours after lunch time, which for me is too late because I like to consume my sweets at home(=office) couple of hours after lunch, without making a separate trip for it.

Thus my staple bakeries remain from big and soulless chains like Just Hot, that have their donuts ready before 11am.

They also say time is a healer, and it takes time to grow. While time does get peope killed, it also helps greatly in reproduction. Without time, we would not have gotten where we are now - nor would we get to develop into extradimensional beings bound by neither space nor time, if we ban it now.

What I propose, is that we do not ban time, but instead develop ourselves beyond time, so that we no longer depend on it, and becomes indifferent to us.

On a related but more serious note, should humanity also develop beoynd organic in our feeding patterns?

For most people, things like "organic" or "free range" has already developed past hunting wild game and gathering roots and berries. For the minority that still practises such, our current methods to grow our food must appear as strange as eating protein grown in reactors would sound to many of us.

A store we frequent for vegetables and meat is Q+Life in B1 level of TKP Shopping Mall (Beijing Lu / Baiyun Lu). My wife has bought for their green advertising, I cannot vouch either way but I'm satisfied with the quality.

Well, we are having minor thunderstorm right now. Earlier in the week my phone's weather forecast showed daily rain drops in Kunming from end of this week til end of eternity, Or was it just the two weeks ahead it can show.


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