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Well today it happened, that we were just getting on zebra crossing on green light, when (a bit out of place looking) aunty controlling traffic waved us to stop, while simultaneously waving a bus making right turn to come ahead.

The bus driver wasn't going anywhere though, and soon enough the aunty's colleague ran to the scene and in front of the bus just in case the driver would try to obey the directions from the epicly failing traffic controller.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Civilized Kunming

While there have been quite many improvements (as mentioned in this thread), perhaps attaining the civilized status requires a bit more than planting those "Civilized Kunming" posts all over the city. Might have gone a bit overboard with them.

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Peter99: I posted that article. It only contained government's denial of ordering telecom companies to shut down VPN traffic (whether possible or not).

Further information from government indicates that authorized VPN providers can continue to offer VPN services, but nobody seems to know if such providers even exist.

Additionally foreign businesses have been instructed to lease lines of their own to connect freely to their HQs abroad, but that would mostly just cover needs of large multinationals.

Personaly I think that a likely development (as far as general public and Chinese industry is concerned), is that there will will be some "VPN" providers but the VPN coverage will not be from end user to abroad.

Rather the traffic will be encrypted from end user to the provider in China, where it will be fully decrypted to record traffic or otherwise implement government requirements (including blocking some data), and then from there on to overseas VPN server it will be normal VPN again.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Civilized Kunming

Redjonn: I would hope so, but TIC.

I remember a few years ago somewhere in China there was a case of police violence (or was it chengguang, I forget), and the explanation afterwards was that those were temporary substitutes, not the real police. And even the Chinese public was questioning where the real officials were then.


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Alright, if you go that way then everything is assuming. Assumptions is what made our ancestors come down from trees and cross a river and a mountain range. You assume quite a bit already when you go to sleep at night.

I am not assuming anything that didn't happen already. China already had a peasant revolution that was supposed to bring prosperity to all.

I am not asking for another revolution, but I am asking for that same spark. I do admit assuming that the Chinese state can contain such spark better this time.

@alienew: "it is precisely money that the poor do not have."

And that is why even 1% taxation of the little they have would have big impact on their awareness of their rights and privileges. In context of OP, it would tell them that they pay for even the limited resources they get, and it would be in their best interest to actually use them.

For example in mountains in Changning, Baoshan, the local government subsidizes roomy tents to families who live in dangerous mudbrick houses or need more space for children but are not financially capable to build bigger and better houses.

But there is psychological barrier to accept such "gifts".

Some go to great lengths to find, borrow and steal the money rather that accept services for free. Some rather leave their children behind and go earn the money themselves from coast. Some rather die quietly in their homes than early enough access even the limited medical services that they are entitled to.

I have personally witnessed all of that within last year.

The state is going to increase financial reach to rural regions in coming years, and as Vicar hinted, trusting the reach-out to public service providers will only go half way. The poor themselves must be activated to ask and accept those services.

I fail to see what exactly you guys disagree with - is it the fact that providing to the poor will be away from your own middle class, or do you have a better idea how to make the poor raise up, or do you not think that they should be let to do it at all?

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