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Forums > Study > Which university to choose? YNU, YNNU, KUST?

@mPrin Thank you for your information. Yeah I think I will live in the dormitories. Only cold water is no problem. I am living in Nujiangs, Gongshan County since nearly one year and the water was so f***n cold in winter.

@Alien I haven't searched for language schools yet, but I don't think they are cheaper.
@HFCAMPO At the moment I have a F-Visa (Non-Commercial-Business-Visa), but I am planning to travel to HongKong before the University starts, so I will maybe have a Tourist Visa when I reenter China.

Forums > Study > Which university to choose? YNU, YNNU, KUST?

Hey guys,

I want to join a Chinese language course for one semester, or two, this autumn.

At the moment I think YNU, YNNU and KUST are some good universities to learn chinese in Kunming. I can't decide yet, which one is the "best".

Maybe you can give me some information about studiying atmosphere (class and private lesson), dining, accomodation, service etc. As I am living in Niujiang since nearly one year, I don't care about not that luxurious accommodation. But please tell me, if there is hot water, wi-fi etc.

That's all for now.

Thanks for your answers!


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