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Forums > Living in Kunming > How can I get English Language Television TV T.V. ?

getting a tv box or other things may or may not work. as I am sure you have access to a computer with internet I highly recommend it has most english (british, american) tv shows usually available to download upon broadcast in the west and streaming with in an hour after it finishes broadcasting typical quality is 720p if you wait about 24 hours 1080p is available

Forums > Food & Drink > Price and salary development

since 2009 (my first teaching job) until now my salary has quite literally doubled this was from a kid with 1 semester of college to a BA in education and 7ish years of experience.

my chinese wife since I have met her, was a basic CC making 2000/m + bonuses for recruitment. now making 5000 base salary as a marketing director

Forums > Living in Kunming > BitTorrent download speed and VPNs

when I downlaod torrents here which is pretty frequently I might add I average 1mb/s I have gone as high as 2.8mb/s this is with out a vpn on china telecom with a vpn on there is little difference in speed.

you dont like streaming on chinese sites like youku or what ever fine. is the site I use to stream or download torrents most tv episodes are up with in an hour of the show airing in the west and both offer 480 and 720 right away 1080 usually a day later (I'm fine with 720) been using this site for 2 years easy enough to figure out with out knowing chinese


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