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Haha, his Mom wants him to get married this year despite that fact that he doesn't have a girlfriend?! Funny!!

Relationships are difficult enough without the massive cultural and geographical differences/distances.

My ex wanted to get married. She was about 28 and under great pressure from her family to get married and start a family. I knew she wasn't 'the one' so I had to end it after a few months of dating. I was very upfront with her from the beginning that we were not going to be getting married, but I think she kept hoping until we broke up.

A few months later I met my current gf who I think is 'the one'. She has more siblings, which I guess reduces the pressure from her parents to marry. She is 34 and has a beautiful spirit.


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A lot of ego in this piece, despite the remarking on other's egos!

A lack of basic information, such as where the course started and finished. The only geographical information I picked up was that he was near Qinghai, so most probably Gansu or Xinjiang, I'd be interested to know where, having visited that region recently.

It's not useless to condemn the past, it helps us prevent such things happening in the near future. Interesting article, albeit rather strange. I suspect that the guy has a bit of a thing for small, rotten feet.

could be that he has been found to be corrupt but has a very powerful patron who would be guilty by association so he has to leave quietly in return for not being punished.

or it could be the opposite: that his patron is someone that considers a threat and so, using the incredibly inefficient, slow, (and rather cowardly) method that Mao himself used to use, someone very high up is undermining somebody else high up's support network from below.

In countries such as my own (the UK), you could just go to the local council or newspaper and tell them about anyone wanting to take a bribe. That would probably be the end of that person's career, at least in that town. They'd have to be extremely well connected to escape some kind of sanction. There is corruption in the UK, but it isn't as widespread and accepted as in China.



a very pleasant park with a tall pagoda you can climb and take photos of the city if you wish. Roses in summer, blossom in spring, nice lawn to sit on, bbq areas.


Recently the food seems to be better. Decent steak at a decent price, decent pizza, some decent wine, and the music is more suitable these days (Rammenstein wasn't the right mood music for Cantina)!


Had lunch - grilled chicken on top of mashed cuttlefish and a salad. The chicken was tasty and well cooked, and there was plenty of meat/fish to fill up even a hungry person. The salad was overdressed and nothing special - I won't order one next time. The service is a decent imitation of what you might find in the west. A large menu of food and drink. A nice civilised place to go for food or drink, but some of the dishes (i.e. the steaks) are very pricey. You could easily spend 300rmb+ per person here. Equally, it is possible to have lunch for under 60rmb per person (as we did). Warning - the bottle of water on each table costs an eye watering 48rmb! Don't be a sucker by opening it!


Went for a spot of lunch. Best pizza I've had in Kunming by some distance. In fact, one of the best pizzas I've ever had - quality ingredients, thin base, cooked to perfection. Sashimi salmon tasted very fresh and was well presented. The drinks are expensive, and one of the waiters was letting the side down by being a bit scruffy and impolite (hence not 5 stars), but definitely go and try the pizza.


Pretty mediocre burgers accompanied by completely overcooked 'fries'/chips. Drafty, a bit smelly, and infested with mosquitos and noisy teenagers. Soup not bad but nothing special. Nothing French about the decor or atmosphere (there isn't any outdoor seating). Haven't tried the coffee. I hope it will close and be replaced by a decent bar or restaurant. A burger bar with the Moondog chef in the kitchen would be perfect, and with Brooklyn just a few metres away way would make a great little foreign food and drink scene!