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Seems a bit odd since I doubt that most "real" tourists coming to China have never heard of the PSB and often land wherever in China and then proceed to go on tours. I don't recall the customs people telling me to register (and most foreigners can't speak Chinese and probably couldn't find a PSB office

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Not all US girls are hot (same goes for the boys) but the majority of US citizens are ignorant (ignoring the bloodshed and desecration of the planet that the US military champions)


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the 57th minority in China is the 垃圾族. Whenever wherever I am trekking I never get lost since I simply follow the discarded trash. I used to stop the fiendish culprits but they seem to consider national scenic areas as giant trash bins. Of course, not all of them. Often other Chinese hikers cheer me on as I shout at the miscreants using bad words and bad grammar. Sure the next generation will be pristine.



DT is back! Now known as Youxi Music Box. Remodeled beautifully. Sunday afternoon music has returned to the most comfortable outdoor venue in Kunming. Great burgers. Great atmosphere.


New menu! In addition to best pizza (20 kinds!) you can now savor the fabulous flavors of roast beef with mashed potatoes, pulled-pork sandwiches, sliders, mac and cheese, pasta entrees, home-made ice cream milkshakes, fresh roasted coffee and so much more! Great space for parties.