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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese New Year travel

Well , I don't think that those crowds in Lijiang or Dali are reading this forum ;-) Of course I do not expect to get a tip for some completely undiscovered place. Besides, no need to share / post here , just send me a private message, that will do. Thanks!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese New Year travel

I know this is the stupidest time to travel but I have a friend coming over who wants to see places around. One day or two day trips. Places like Tong Hai, Hei Jin, Jian Shui and such will be packed with people and hotels overpriced. I was wondering if anybody can recommend some places where even overpriced hotel

/ guest house would not cost "arms & legs" and place not going to be packed with people. Anything authentic Yunnan village where can stay overnight. I'm not good at planning any trips and CN NY is even bigger challenge for me. So appreciate any suggestions or link to the any thread dedicated to this matter. Cheers!

Forums > Food & Drink > Making yoghurt

Anybody experience making a yogurt from goat milk powder? Is standard procedure OK? or need to do some other steps as well? Cheers

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tour Guide

my friend is coming to Yunnan and wants to travel around a bit. Local villages and nature mostly. I 'm not here next moth , so I was wondering if there is anybody who ( local preferably ) can speak English and has 7 days time to accompany him. I know this should be posted in jobs, but nobody is looking there unless searching for the job , so my apology for "spamming" here.

Please send me PM with your price / day , or which way you calculate. Might have few more people coming in winter as well. Cheers!


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laofengzi, right :-) I never though of this one, coz have absolute no experience with HDR. Fair point! :-)

Yereth, sorry, I didn't mean to slagging your photos. I guess its just a personal preference. For 'noisy' filter I usually use VSCO plugin in LT, which takes off the 'perfection' of digital photography and gives impression of analog. It also,with combination opening shadows function, gives that 'painting' impression, rather the real photo. Specially in picture with complex details . However Im trying to not use it to much on photos where is the sky or clouds to avoid actual dots being visible. (2nd from the end) And also with opening shadows to much it may cause that unrealistic colour of the sky ( aqua-ish ), 3rd picture from top. Just my humble opinion, not criticising, we all have different styles of photography and post processing.

Nice pics.,try to use less saturation in post processing, its to grainy ( looks like scans from negative ).

to photographer : try LT5 function : Lense corrections ( chromatic aberration, prof.corrections etc.- usually auto mode is good enough ) to prevent your towers 'falling'. Its a good tool to substitute shifting lense.
Other than that, good job!

Yangshuo sunrise - .I guess its worth to get up for that, nice pics. I would recomend to use graduate filter to avoid overexposed sky with sun and underexposed ground.


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