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Your post seems off topic.

Vegetarian (Ovo Lacto) is not the same as vegan.
While some vegans could be considered traditional food eaters and those who obstain or limit sugars and modern man made synthetic oils are better off than many omnivours who consume mass amounts of sugar and said synthetic oils like corn and soy and rape seed ie Canola; the varied diets in the sub continent of India is not the issue of a thread on tofu for infants. Look at the increase of blood sugar (Hemoglobin A1c) and the results in health goes along way to explaining more optimal and less optima eating. Many flashy peer reviewed articeles are full of flaws by accident or design.

Do you know what is the average Hindu Hb A1c? By quintiles? If not why do you post? Tell us about average life and mortality and morbidity of the Hindu you write about. Eric

Forums > Food & Drink > Tofu for Infant?


Maybe a bit more reseach
Like Ketogenic Diets
Blood sugar
Hemoglobin A1c
Etcetera etcetera
You may be entitled to spout opinions as we all do from time to time but not Faux Facts! Eric
PS what do you think of soy oils? Corn oils? and the ilk (kind) of man made faux foods? Maybe we can just agree sugar is bad!

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It worked for
The Beatles
Steve Jobs

And a Yunnan politico where the local dialect apple sounds like something else

EZ to remember
EZ to translate

EZ to decorate

Forums > Food & Drink > Tofu for Infant?

Why is someone from the USA posting so selective?

How many years of education in biology or chemistry or nutrition does it take to have a reasonable discussion about diet and health?

If you write you know nothing about the site then why post as if it might have some valid input?

What do you know about ketogenic diets?
Hemoglobin A1c and death from all causes
HDL and death from all causes
Blood sugar and death from all causes
Pritikin / dean ornish 80 percent carbohydrate diets (Even when the exclude sugars) lower HDL and increase blood sugars and insulin and IGF-1 more than a ketogenic diet.

Please think before you post such ===

I support longer healthy life? Why not?

Way off topic for a gokunming posting!

Forums > Food & Drink > Tofu for Infant?


What is it?
It is ok if you are a vegan, but do not try to be sly just admit you are not a meat eater.

What is pseudo to radical vegetarians is common sense to most of us.

Do you say sugar is great let us eat more?
Prefer corn oil or soy oil to traditional fats
Say so and maybe try to justify

Diseaseproof is a IMO wacko vegetarian animal hate group!


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Before a knee jerk blame fat response maybe some enlightened reading?
Kichard K Berstein MD on this subject:
Taubes on why get fat
Lustig on sugar (Fructose)
Wheat Belly

Visit the Swedish web site www.dietdoctor.com

Just for a start: Eric

The advice (Tao) from thousands of years ago that to live longer give up the grain and eat less meat is as valid today as it was then.

A new study (Nutritional Science Initiative) NuSi hopes to explore the effect of the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is 50% carbohydrate 15% protein and 35% fat with a more ketogenic approach of 5% carbohydrates and 15 % protein and 80% fat.

These types of studies should shed light on the effect to glucose levels, insulin response levels, and ketone levels that might stop and or reverse the effects of high sugar and grain diets. (Is it just the sugar (mostly fructose effect) or all glucose elevating carbohydrates and even exessive amounts of protein via gluconeogenesis?

And even all fats are not alike. I think if Ben Franklin could not eat it then we should not or at the very least be a skeptic. Modern high temperature man made soy, corn, canola, and cotton seed oils from back to the Nepoleonic era and forward need to take a back seat to lard, tallow, and for westerners butter and cream.

PS My fasting blood sugars are under 83 mg per DL and AIC below 4.5 MM so the proof is in the diet. (Mine is high fat and moderate protein with a few vegetables. Hint (No grain and no sugars)


IMO some of this type of fraud could be detected much sooner with a proactive data search. Many western canned software programs use algorythems like Benfords Law aka Digital frequency anaylysis to detect trends that can result in the early detection of fraud. Cooking the books is nothing new and when something of value and human nature come together the triangle of percieved need, percieved opportunity, and rationalization lead to fraud. There are no small frauds; only big frauds that have not had time to develope.

The USA is no exception. Look at what has happened in Detriot.

The balance is between to cost of prevention and the cost of fraud.

When looking at crops many options are open for yunnan. small scale diverse family operations can use the concepts of permaculture to include diverse crops like avocado or berry crops along with medicinal crops like arctic root (a pretty yellow flower) with a long tradition in Chinese medicine.

Aquaculture can balance the production of fruits and vegetables with fish and avoid the problems and cost of the high use of fertilizer.

Some areas can include some nuts but not a monocultute crop. A few of this, that and the other crop is better for long term family farms and local food production and food security. Take the bes of agricultural science and economics to look for long term diverse production.

When 75% of the worlds population lives in a city (Circa 2050) crops may be grown in the city and in the home or apartment. Chicken, Pig, Cow, Egg, Fish, vegetables and fruit are a possible in the city option. This can also provide work and business opportunity for those moving from the village to the city.

For a longer healthy life we can all give up the grain and eat less meat which means moderate vegetable intake with small meat/protein portions and a ketogenic portion of healthy fats.

Have you looked at the use of black soldier fly larvea grown in waste from the chickens and pigs to feed the insects to then feed the birds?
In 1776 China was the most productive farming area and can be with some new agricultural options that move away from monoculture grain production.


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