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Forums > Living in Kunming > can you buy these things in Kunming?

But the info in English is always unsourced. For example, the Time article
merely translates a Chinese newspaper report using anonymous sources who make unverified claims. Do you have a link to something in the NYT?

The reddit thread has a Japanese-language video and some anecdotes from people who claim to have bought fake eggs. How did they know? "The texture was off, but not enough that I would have known if it weren't next to a real egg. The yolk just did not want to break, and it had a bit of a plastic smell when cooking. The white was exceptionally runny as well".

These are people who have just bought a bad egg, or one where the chicken has been fed a few too many additives, and they assume (because of the scare stories) that they're eating fake eggs.

Forums > Living in Kunming > can you buy these things in Kunming?

Don't trust unsourced allegations of fake food: the list shared by Liumingke1234 mixes scandals that did happen (melamine in milk powder, contaminated noodles) with urban legends that have never been proven (fake eggs, fake rice, and others).

Real research on this topic is hard to come by, but read for example: It's extremely doubtful fake eggs or rice could be produced more cheaply than the real versions.

The truth is, barely-enforced food safety standards and the widespread lack of trust in Chinese society means people here are all too ready to believe that everything is poisonous and fake. Sadly, sometimes they're right, but not always.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting piercings

You could try the tattoo studio on the corner of wenlinjie 文林街 and wenhuaxiang 文化巷, near Sal's. They do piercings and some of the staff must have problems getting through a metal detector.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > International travel agent in Kunming?

I want to book a return plane ticket (Kunming - UK) and would like to find out if it's possible to buy the sort of flexible ticket that means you can change the date of the return flight without paying hefty fees. This sort of information isn't included in flight-search websites, so I'd like to find a trustworthy travel agent who can find out - and get me a good price.

Does anyone know of a good English-speaking speaking travel agent that handles international flights?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Cycling to Fuxian Lake

You can bring your bike on the subway, but you have to take off the front wheel (if your bike isn't very small, like a folding bike). It's easiest if you then hang the wheel on the handlebars, and wheel the bike onto the subway.


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Climbed Haba a couple of years ago - just as the author says, it's a great climb requiring decent fitness but no need for ropes or technical climbing. Would be a good idea to know how to self-arrest if you fall and slide during the descent though, especially if you haven't used an ice-axe and crampons before. Also, be aware of the effects of altitude sickness; a bit of elevation acclimation beforehand would help cut the risk. Highly recommend this trip.

Fascinating. Does anyone know where the incineration plants are and what kind of technology they're using? The level and type of pollution generated can widely a great deal.

I'd also be very surprised if they really were incinerating 100% of the rubbish collected by the authorities.

@Alien: not in the sense that they've been making stuff up - that's not what the study found - but it does imply that very broad forest definitions may overstate the success of afforestation programmes. These definitions are used not only by China, but by the FAO and by other national governments. The authors also say that China's investments in afforestation could be better targeted (geographically and with regards to the species used).


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