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Even a school I might not know in this area might be worth a look.

Forums > Study > Chinese tutors

I've been learning Chinese slowly since I've been in China and feel I need to pick up the pace somewhat. I was hoping one of you guys/girls might know of someone in the south that does one on one tutoring. Ideally it would be around the areas of guangfu liu or dianchi liu, I'm pretty near the new Aegean mall.

I've seen some of the ads but would prefer a recommendation from someone if they used them or know them when it comes to teaching.

Hopefully somebody does as my Chinese really needs to step up :)

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Hey I get to make the 200th post on this thread lol

I'll keep it short. That Gord sounds like a 1st class k**b with untold pointless posts and has gone down the same road as similar deleted accounts :)

Get over it mate!

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKM Saying and Doing

@tonyaod I kinda have that same connection with the site lol, bit of entertainment now and then when bored and the odd useful bit of information :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > GoKM Saying and Doing

Civil war has again broken out on GoKunming, take your sides and arm up!

Or just relax in the armchair having a laugh at the futility of it all :)


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Nobody else think bull fighting is an animal welfare problem such as other issues like dog eating festivals? Or is it because it's all steeped in nice looking traditional practices then it's OK?



I went there for a meal this week not expecting to much as I had been let down by every other western food restaurant that I'd tried. But I was surprised and ate a very enjoyable meal with a wide range of selections to choose from. I'm looking forward to going back as it has many Italian favourites of mine on the menu that I'm looking forward to eating :)

Definitely now my favourite western restaurant in Kunming!