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The other day I witnessed a lady let her kid take a shit on Pizza Hut stairs. There was a toilet a few metres away. How is that acceptable? That day, yes, I hated China. Generally though, most days, I don't hate China. I like complaining though. I complain about my own country too.


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Me and a friend have been thinking of doing something like this for a long time, though, more centrally located. As foreigners though, so much red tape... we had no clue where to start.
Well done ladies! Good job! I will be visiting and donating sometime in the future!



Animals better taken care of than Nanping bird and flower. Clean. If you are after a pedigree dog. Come here.


Good bangers and mash, though sausages a bit dry (overcooked?)
Always been a fan of O'Reillys burgers. The three locations don't disappoint!


Really impressed with this place. The only problem for me is the location, since I live downtown.
Very extensive menu and none of us (4 people) were disappointed with our orders. Decent sized portions, good flavour and nice outdoor seating area.
Will definitely go back and try other things on the menu!


I had only tried BK in Shanghai before (my hometown doesn't have one) and I thought it was awesome. Kunmings BK isn't as good and way more expensive. Fries were good but really small. A decent burger, but I prefer McD's.


Don't know what happened to this place.. New menu (of which they didnt have the first five things we tried to order).Prices have doubled.

Two stars for the Thai fried rice, mashed potatoes and outdoor seating area.