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Forums > Living in Kunming > Does your gf pay rent?

"If a local girl dating a foreigner is considered a "whore" I wonder what they think about local guys dating foreign girls."
@Serrure: To be fair though, this is few and far between.

Forums > Living in Kunming > health certificate for dog to travel

I did this before in another city (so i'm afraid I can't help with Kunming location) but it can be a real nightmare. The health check can't be done more than 7 days before you fly, so don't get it done too early or the paper will be useless. The check can be done at any vets but needs to then be double checked by the provincial capital animal control bureau. They need to stamp it. If you're traveling internationally, pups will need to be microchips. China Eastern would not let my dog fly unless she went through the baggage check xray machine. I was unhappy about this but there was no budging them. Hopefully as you're taking your dog in the cabin you won't have to do this! My dog inc. crate weighed 7kg. Sadly the limit for in cabin was 5kg I believe.
To be honest nobody really knew the procedure and I was endlessly passed from one official to another. I guess Chinese don't travel with pets very often? I hope you have a better experience here in Kunming than i did in Hebei but give yourself plenty of time just in case !

Please post anything you find out here for future reference! Let us know how it goes! Good luck!


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''It`s pretty sad to hear the above comments (yo dog, Tom). u guys worry about a fucking warm shower while the yunnanese have to worry about getting enough water for their crops and animals.

if u don`t like the winter in kunming (when it is not sunny), fuck off. at least than we safe a bit water.''

I love this post!



Animals better taken care of than Nanping bird and flower. Clean. If you are after a pedigree dog. Come here.


Good bangers and mash, though sausages a bit dry (overcooked?)
Always been a fan of O'Reillys burgers. The three locations don't disappoint!


Really impressed with this place. The only problem for me is the location, since I live downtown.
Very extensive menu and none of us (4 people) were disappointed with our orders. Decent sized portions, good flavour and nice outdoor seating area.
Will definitely go back and try other things on the menu!


I had only tried BK in Shanghai before (my hometown doesn't have one) and I thought it was awesome. Kunmings BK isn't as good and way more expensive. Fries were good but really small. A decent burger, but I prefer McD's.


Don't know what happened to this place.. New menu (of which they didnt have the first five things we tried to order).Prices have doubled.

Two stars for the Thai fried rice, mashed potatoes and outdoor seating area.