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Forums > Living in Kunming > When Does Rainy Season End?

Generally, the South Asia monsoon season is a good indicator of how much rain is falling in Yunnan. It typically ends in late August or early September. But this year parts of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar are getting absolutely pummeled, which is affecting us here in southwest China too.

Forums > Study > why should we learn English

I would like to speak with the teacher who assigned the homework that created this thread. To all the students posting here, please private message me with your teacher's phone number or email. Do not leave that information in this forum.

Thanks very much.

Forums > Study > why should we learn English?

One thing to understand when posting on GoKunming: One forum thread is enough. Starting two of exactly the same name and subject matter is pointless. The other, older and still active forum called "why should we learn English" is available here:


This forum is locked, but the other of the same name and purpose is open for business. Thanks everyone :)


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