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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Household Registration Needs

Just a heads up for foreigners living in Kunming: There are new regulations for registering at your local PSB and getting that oh-so-necessary half-sheet of paper called a household registration (住宿登记).

This applies to everyone renting an apartment, regardless of how many times he or she may have registered the same address previously.

The new policy, according to phone conversations and in-person visits, requires new renters and those who have returned from overseas to supply:

• A photocopy of their passport's picture page, latest visa page and latest entry stamp page.

• A copy of their current apartment leasing contract. If you rent the apartment from an agent, then a copy of that contract is reportedly enough. If you rent from a landlord directly, you must also bring copy of the landlord’s Chinese ID card (身份证) and their cellphone number. The contract must not be expired.

NOTE: If the name on the property license (产权证) is not that of your landlord -- for example it’s his or her spouse’s name -- make sure you know the relationship and make sure your landlord can state this clearly over the phone. The PSB will sometimes call the landlord to check while you are there.

• If you ask a friend to register at the PSB for you, or accompany you there, make sure they bring a copy of their national ID card.

• Bring a working black ink pen. You must fill out two forms and the pens at PSBs are notoriously useless.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Please beware of apartment scam

It has come to our attention that at least two registered users are fraudulently posting classified ads for apartments in Kunming.

The scammer(s) use different names every time, but follow this specific pattern:

- Describes hi-end apartments
- Claims to be overseas (usually in London)
- Promises to mail the keys to interested parties
- Requires payment before apartment can be viewed
- Usually replies with this email address: [email protected]

If you encounter a classified ad such as this, please get in touch with GoKunming immediately through the contact form.

If you are certain you have dealt with this scam and can offer any other details, please post them here.


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Thanks! Yes, January is a great season for cycling south. I saw parts of the new highway still being built along the Honghe river, but like you say the old road is nice cycling, I did it a couple of years ago during Spring Festival. I'm looking at Nujiang for a next trip.


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