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If I was randomly attacked even 2 or 3 times I'd probably consider leaving wherever I was. Or at a minimum try to do something to stop it happening in the future. Forget about 8 times, you must have some serious motives for staying.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Theivery in Kunming

Obscurity guard is a good name. The "only me and my own" attitude gets me down at times too.

This is my own pet peeve and not very relevant to the conversation. But its really annoying when on a crowded elevator you get to the bottom floor and a crowd of Chinese tries to elbow their way in, barely allowing those already inside to exit. Same goes for a crowded bus. In pursuing their own self interest most fail to notice they are making things worse. As if things are not difficult enough in the most crowded country on earth, lets make it a free for all, and hey if I have to throw a couple shoulders to get a seat so be it. $#%#^$@! Sorry, rant over.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Theivery in Kunming

I've also had a bike ripped off. Additionally caught someone going through my bag, with, I believe, the intent to steal. Fortunately I was able to react to that one and lost nothing. I definitely second the warning though.

Perhaps the thousands of idle security guards I see every day could do something? Or maybe its impossible to prevent I dont know.

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Interesting how quickly people seem to cut one another down on Gokunming.

Perhaps you are right. Maybe Metro is different here, making that analogy misplaced in Kunming terms. It was simply an opinion, based on past Metro shopping experiences...that were, to put it mildly, frustrating.


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Anyone want to speculate about the future? I am morbidly interested in this topic.

Here is where some legitimate disagreements can be had. Obviously the climate is changing because of humans. But exactly what that means is less clear. I tend toward the less optimistic doomsday end of the spectrum. I hope I'm wrong.

Been meaning to read that book "when a billion chinese jump" haven't been able to find it yet. Hopefully will soon, supposed to be good discussion on China's environmental future.

Thats a good link bobbles. Kind of amazing its 2013 and there are still people spouting off such ridiculous statements.

Thats a pretty big generalization, and one from which I can see very little meaning other than the implication that I'm wrong. Care to enlighten me on how that is in this case?

You're probably right, I guess the international scientific community must be wrong. Thanks I was worried, now I'm not. Whatever kunmingteacher teaches, its clearly not science.



Giving 5 stars to offset the ludicrous review below mine. I don't think lost garden is a five star place but it certainly isn't 0. Its a nice little guesthouse, that serves some of the better food in town, and my experience of the service was quite good. I will be back and recommend this place others.

Think wily53's review makes good points and I agree fully.