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I haven't had the pleasure yet of visiting Metro here in Kun Ming. But it sounds quite similar to Metro in Vietnam... a bad joke. A simple trip for groceries turns into..passport checks, redundant paperwork, cards good for one use, ridiculous bag checks, carbon copied receipts that take 5 minutes to print, interrogation. Is it possible Metro modeled their business on Kafka?


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Anyone want to speculate about the future? I am morbidly interested in this topic.

Here is where some legitimate disagreements can be had. Obviously the climate is changing because of humans. But exactly what that means is less clear. I tend toward the less optimistic doomsday end of the spectrum. I hope I'm wrong.

Been meaning to read that book "when a billion chinese jump" haven't been able to find it yet. Hopefully will soon, supposed to be good discussion on China's environmental future.

Thats a good link bobbles. Kind of amazing its 2013 and there are still people spouting off such ridiculous statements.

Thats a pretty big generalization, and one from which I can see very little meaning other than the implication that I'm wrong. Care to enlighten me on how that is in this case?

You're probably right, I guess the international scientific community must be wrong. Thanks I was worried, now I'm not. Whatever kunmingteacher teaches, its clearly not science.



Giving 5 stars to offset the ludicrous review below mine. I don't think lost garden is a five star place but it certainly isn't 0. Its a nice little guesthouse, that serves some of the better food in town, and my experience of the service was quite good. I will be back and recommend this place others.

Think wily53's review makes good points and I agree fully.