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Forums > Living in Kunming > An oil refinery factory to be established in Anning

The Petrochina is going to set up an oil refinery in Anning Kunming this year, with capacity of 10 million tons per year.

But such a project which may produce so much pollution is on the agenda of local government without hearing any voice from local people. And it will be next to the Dianchi. Poor Dianchi. Now it's going to have to fight against pollution from the refinery.

As a Yunnaner for more than 20 yrs, I never heard of any place with abundant oil here in Yunnan. So about getting a refinery here, I don't see any purposes but transfer the f**k pollution from east to west, covered up by the idea of developing economy in the west. Economy, economy and economy are the only thing that matters for local government.

Welcome to a so-called spring city with continuous drought and heavy-polluted air and water.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Studying Chinese in Kunming, feedback please

Beijing are the beat city to learn Mandarin, cause the non-beijing locals is more than 60%. If we involved the people who are not born in Beijing but get a residence registration certificate of Beijing, the this proportion is much bigger. When u are in beijing, everybody is talking with each other using mandarin, cause it is the only way they can understand each other. But the cost and the air quality are...ah...u know.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Opening a Chinese bank account

I can be 100% sure that u will find Postal Savings bank of China in any rural area of China. This bank used to be only post office in CN. So it has branches everywhere in China, though now it has been transformed into a bank. And u can get a account from it.

Good luck,


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Yeah. Chinglish is good.

I find people in Burma are speaking Chinglish. When I speak English, sometimes they may not understand. But after realizing they are using Chinglish, I turn to Chinglish.

It works much better than English.

The air in KM is really getting worse, but this seems not arise enough attention from the government and locals. For me, the most important reason is that Kunmingers are too addicted to the fame "Spring City". Many kunmingers I know will never forget to show how warm KM is in winter when they are working or studying in other provinces. Even last Saturday, one of my Kunming friends in Beijing has posted some pictures about KM taken several years ago on his blogger to show how beautiful KM is, without knowing KM is now being a "construction city" due to the metro thing. For me, Kunmingers are too obsessed with the fame and don't wanna wake up to see "spring city" is not really always spring here.

Agree with Voltaire about Jingdong and Jinggu. We drive the car from Ninger(宁洱) to Jinggu. The whole way is full of huge tropical forests on both sides and a very clean river along it. If u wanna see the real tropical forest. Jinggu and jingdong will a good choice in Yunnan.


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