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Forums > Living in Kunming > China's Wealthy fleeing China

@ laotou

Again, social unrest phenomena or factors exist in every society. The rich would still hire bodyguards in China if they wish. The US still have a lot smart schools which really help students. However back to the topic, the Rich who choose to move out of China, not only long for a better life quality. Please take a look at @tigertiger,"the main reasons for migration".

Also, US is not the only option for the rich.

Forums > Living in Kunming > China's Wealthy fleeing China

@ HFCAMPO & laotou

I think crimes, drugs and all those " social unrest phenomena", so as called, exist in every country. However, the rich won't randomly choose to stay outside of China. To be honest, who would like to leave his own country when he is rich and safe and stable and happy at home?

One would choose to move out of China, in my point of view, would based on serious thinking and comparison. Maybe he would feeling safer staying outside of China since he's rich enough to hire bodyguards or sending their kids to a better private school instead of a shitty messy one.

I don't deny that China's getting more open to the world, however, China needs to be more transparent on a lot more things. At least you guys know that there are so many guns in the US, but to me, I have no concept how many in China.

Forums > Living in Kunming > China's Wealthy fleeing China


I agreed the part " for the kids", but from what I learned is, it s quit a difficult time for the rich to get used to the western lifestyle, especially to those in their mid-age. So some of them just choose to send their families abroad, or some of them prefer to change an ID and get back to China to continue to make money and enjoy the on call service which is hard for them to get in a western country.


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