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Forums > Living in Kunming > Gyms near Wenlinjie?

Hey all,

Im looking for a gym preferably near wenlinjie (id be willing to take a bus if its not far but prefer walking distance) that is pretty basic. All I really need is a gym that is fairly clean and sanitary that has a treadmill, bike, and some freeweights. I have found it pretty frustrating to try and dodge people blocking the entire walkway when I run around green lake. Does anyone know of a gym that is decently priced?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gymns in Kunming

Yes, what are the prices on these gyms? I really just need somewhere with a treadmill and bike and some freeweights, nothing special. Is there anything near wenlinjie that has those things? I really dont want to continue attempting to dodge people while running around green lake...

Forums > Living in Kunming > Best Gyms in Kunming?

What is the general cost of these gyms? Are there any within walking distance of Wenlinjie that are a reasonable price? I really just want a treadmill or bike so i can do cardio and some freeweights so im not such a blob anymore. Its so awkward to go running outside in spend most your energy dodging people and pushing through them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Water randomly shutting off in apartment?

We moved into this apartment about a month ago. Prior to us living here, the apartment had been vacant for about 5 months according to our landlord. We received a notice from management a week ago. Finally translated it a couple days ago and found out it was a notice to pay water/electricity. It wasn't until yesterday that our landlord was finally able to send us the address of where to pay.

Strangely though, for the past couple days, the water has stopped running for anywhere from two to four hours. It comes back on randomly and goes out again. Is there a chance this is because we havent had an opportunity to pay the bill yet? Can they just shut off your water? Or does this have to do with the freezing weather weve had the last couple days? I washed my hands, began cooking, and by the time i finished cooking, the water was out again so I cant wash dishes. Pretty frustrating.


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Dandare, there is nothing particularly dangerous about these dogs. that is why breed bans literally don't work. any dog can be made aggressive if abused. that's why it's important to educate people on how to raise dogs instead of banning breeds. small dogs are actually a lot more aggressive than large breeds.

well guess moving back to kunming isn't an option then. wow. people should be able to apply for permits to own the banned dogs. german shepherds are some of the most docile, family friendly dogs there are.

does anyone have an update on this? did they actually crack down? i'm considering moving back to kunming and have two dogs, one is a gsd mix. i can't risk him being hurt. i considering moving to the outskirts of the city or something

The numbers for these places really need to be updated. All of them are disconnected and Itd be really nice to be able to get delivery once in awhile.



I just got back from this hospital and I was very pleased. I showed up in the middle of the night throwing up uncontrollably and was helped immediately. They diagnosed me and brought me to a very nice room. Cozy, 120 channels and even a little attached bathroom. The place is super clean and I thought the staff was very helpful, although due to me showing up in the middle of the night there was no translators. I speak decent chinese so between that and the doctors using pleco on their phones we were able to communicate just fine. i was put on an IV. The following morning their translator was there and she was incredibly sweet and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend this place if you have anything you need. Its clean, friendly, modern, and in my opinion for all the crap I ended up deciding to do, very reasonably priced. Only thing is that I wish I couldve used my insurance as I am covered through it internationally, but the process was too complicated and i decided to just go the cash route.


Just got back from this place. We paid for a cab out there because it had such good reviews, and to be honest we were a bit disappointed. We are huge indian food fanatics and have had a huge range of authentic indian, and this stuff seemed more like a chinese attempt at indian and for the price wasnt worth it. The naan was dry and so thin and brittle that it was more like crackers. The main dishes were medium sized, but were extremely watered down. The meat was coarse and tough to chew, and the vegetables were not thoroughly cooked. It also took us almost 50 minutes to get our food. their redeeming factor was their veggie samosas; they were delicious and very flavorful. Crunchy outside, soft inside. The staff was also very friendly. Overall, if I were to recommend an indian restaurant, i would recommend Cacaja on wenlinjie instead. We have been there 6+ times and found the food to always be very high quality, and the prices are exactly the same as Saramati. I suppose theres a chance they were training in all new cooks or something at saramati and thats why the food wasnt that good, who knows. I just know I was disappointed for having gone out there when I couldve gone to Cacaja instead, especially since we paid such high prices for low quality food.