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Forums > Living in Kunming > mortgage interest rates

Is there anyplace i can compare standard rates at the different banks? Or anybody know what would be 'reasonable' rate for a 'average' homebuyer? Thanks in advance!

Forums > Living in Kunming > The real problem?

ABC (agricultural bank) have been going around installing state of the art trading setups in housewives spare rooms all over middle china. Im talking quadcore, 3 screens, bloomberg- style keyboards. Ive seen this with my own eyes. These "investors" are grossly underqualified for this stuff, they should be sold mutual funds instead. They never even had a computer before, Anyhow, i was in one home where the following trading instructions were given: whenever the stock drops to MA20, buy. Now, this is obviously Crazy with a capital C. But man you should see these setups, technical indicators and flashing lights all over the place. In my view you need ten years experience of learning analysis methods and losing money, before playing the markets works.

Forums > Living in Kunming > gmail email

Yes, mails from China to Gmail accounts are blocked, but not always and not very well. Ctrip called me up about it, asked me to provide an alternative email, saying that Gmail is blocked.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bike Stealing in Kunming

Most locks can be broken with a can of lighter fuel, 60 seconds. To keep your bike, take either the saddle or the handlebars with you.

Or put a GPS tag on it and track it with your iWatch..


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im just thinking about a friend whos son was recently diagnosed with adhd. its an easier example to draw paralells with addiction than my kidney disease example, because a sympthom of adhd is to affect the behaviour - just like alcoholism. not so many years ago, this kid would have been called a 'bad' kid, he would hav been beaten, slapped, an the parents would have been blamed. in fact before being diagnosed he was already thrown out of playschool for violent behaviour. i understand that the treatment for adhd is speed! anyway, i think the public at large have learned to see behaviour as a symptom of mental illness in the case of adhd...but not quite there yet in the case of addiction.

you're right, and there's no use denying it: sickness causes hardship.

problems arise when you judge a persons value as a human based on which particular ailment they do or dont suffer from. you can call a drunk 'alcoholic', sure. the folly however is to associate the term 'alcoholic' with 'bad quality person'. this is ignorance (my use of the word is also not to be associated with 'bad quality person'!). in fact i think it could be argued that recovered alco's add tremendous value to society! including those that substitute dope with compulsive dogoodmanship etc! :)

I never worked as a counsellor, just did the trainings. I think the key thing to remember is that addiction is a sickness, not a crime. It can be cured, though I'd say that HFCAMPOs claim about substitution is pretty much on the mark, too. Many do indeed become compulsive dogooders, sporters, etc etc. But I think this sort of substitution, as long as its not harmful to the person or his/her surroundings, should not be seen as a bad thing. This substitution COULD be viewed in the same way as a person with kidney failure substituting sickness with dialysis...



been there several times, very satisfied every time. menu has classics like fish n chips, bolognese, pizzas etc. very tasty, at good prices.


Friendly staff and good service, food and prices are ok. No complaints but its nothing special either, and not worth a visit unless you live closeby.


Nice atmosphere and cosy but the western food is bad. I think they deep-fry the burgers. As a cafe - 4 stars (service is a little bit lacking at times), coffee and cakes etc are good. As a restaurant, 2 stars (western food is too bad, asian food is mamahuhu).


"All the Meat" only had about 3 slices of salami on it, so maybe i got the wrong order. Anyway, leaving that aside - soggy bread, ketchup as tomatosauce, and cheese was probably from a tube.
Potato wedges soggy as well.
I left half my meal, the only thing up to scratch was the coke and the service. Will not be back.


If the name of the shop is written in english then they should speak english, yes! A pokey shithole trying to give the impression of a quaint li'l ole bookshop. Pig-ignorant staff, never been greeted with a smile there, nor even greeted. If you must shop here, bring your own bag. 1 star earned for selection and the (for me) convenient location.