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Forums > Living in Kunming > Making money

Indeed, to be a teacher is a good idea for most people but I don't think i'm cut out for it, and I'm not qualified (though i did teach statistics in SH a few years ago). I also understand that the requirements changed recently to block unqualified teachers, and rightly so.

I've just read a post about smuggling avocados across the vietnam border, not THATS an idea i like :)

Another one i like the sound of is hiring architects in china to draw designs and alterations to buildings in the west.

Im not good looking enough to be a gigolo.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Making money

I should have added, I also don't want to become a rentboy.

I would'nt agree that everyone is looking for ways to make good fast money. Short-term thinking is probably the reason so many of those I've met failed and continue to fail. Personally, I don't need the money but it would be nice to have an interesting and slightly profitable enterprise. In Europe I've met dozens of Chinese people who run successful sideline businesses and they have no problem being transparent, because they're genuinely adding value by providing a product or service in a convenient/cheap way, and have built relationships and ways-of-working which cannot be copy-pasted.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do famous artists ever perform in KM?

I would like to go to some pop/rock/hiphop/etc music concerts with top artists, whether they be Chinese or international. In fact the type of music is not the most important - mostly I like the atmosphere of a big crowd of fans. Do I have to go to a bigger city? I've been in KM a while but all I ever see advertised is local bands. Are any of them any good?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Making money

Any suggestions or proven examples of how to make a half-decent income in KM without becoming an employee? Selling stuff to folks back home via the web is the most obvious, but I've met a lot who tried and failed - not sure why, really. Anyhow, all input welcome.

Forums > Living in Kunming > YNNU / YNU Accomodation standard

Hi - does anybody know what the accommodation standard is at the universities? I've only found one pic of the rooms on internet, on a site called and it looks like a normal hotelroom.
I understand they charge 120 per day, and need to pay the whole semester up-front.


No results found.


Ive smoked pure tobacco in a villiage in turkey. I was drunk at the time but thats not why i puked.

the farmers take it in from the fields in cars, tuktuks, bikes, lorries, horseback, whatever. The schoolyard is covered with black plastic and the raw tobacco is spread out on it. Some sections are mixed with fruit, to be used for shisha pipesmoking. Anyhow, its not really dry before all the kids come and walk all over it. Up and down they walk, all day long, trampling and mixing the tobacco. An utterly disgusting stench rises and its everywhere. I think, it must be possible to smell this shit from miles away. Well, many of the 'real men', myself included, smoked it while its still moist. Using bits of coal to keep it burning. The coal enters the lungs as vapour but inside it crystallizes - after a few years smoking arabic pipes i had to quit, HAD to, because of the coal in my lungs. Well, i only saw the harvesting process once but the one thing that sticks in my mind is the kids feet. Surely they must be discoloured for the rest of their lives. Maybe even stinking raw tobacco for a lifetime, i dont know.

Then there's the social element. had a great show about a drug called crocodile which is methodically destroying some russian border towns, and everyone in them. Even in that case I could'nt distinguish any justification for legal OR SOCIAL persecution of the users. In the russian case, they were their own dealers, manufacturing the drug themselves according to recipies found on facebook and ingredients bought OTC at 24 hour pharmacies. So indeed, what to do? Suggest to start by seeing the users, ALL of them, as victims. ?

Hfcampo over and over tries to insinuate that being addicted to something is a choice that an individual makes. And a further implication is that the addict continues to decide to be addicted on an ongoing basis.

I dont think thats correct at all. Nobody ever decided 'im gonna try to be a junkie/chainsmoker/alco/obese'. Nobody. But how to formulate another counterargument escapes me at the minute. There are various opinons on whether the tendency to be addicted is genetic. However i think hfcampos post adequately describes why nicotine addiction is not (just) genetic, but also chemical. So on the one hand we have the chemical element (treat all drugs as poisons, and the addicts as victims) and on the other hand we have the physiological/psychological element (treat addicts as mentally/physically allergic to a 'harmless' substance). In neither of these arguments can i see a case for legal OR SOCIAL persecution of users. Dealers, however, including cigarette companies, knowingly expose substances to the public, in full knowledge that their profits generate hardship yet contribute absoloutely nothing to society. Except tax dollars and a need for rehabilitation.

you should see puerto rico :)

american gothic was a fantastic tv show, 90's i think. great fun and entertainment, as well as a latent, intelligent philosophical proposal. sheriff calebs proposal was, more or less, everyone is guilty.


yapp, agreed. can't force someone to be free. i think id need to be high before i could continue down that line of thought :)
kafka & lou reed vs huxley & sartre in a king-of-the-ring tag team match? :)



been there several times, very satisfied every time. menu has classics like fish n chips, bolognese, pizzas etc. very tasty, at good prices.


Friendly staff and good service, food and prices are ok. No complaints but its nothing special either, and not worth a visit unless you live closeby.


Nice atmosphere and cosy but the western food is bad. I think they deep-fry the burgers. As a cafe - 4 stars (service is a little bit lacking at times), coffee and cakes etc are good. As a restaurant, 2 stars (western food is too bad, asian food is mamahuhu).


"All the Meat" only had about 3 slices of salami on it, so maybe i got the wrong order. Anyway, leaving that aside - soggy bread, ketchup as tomatosauce, and cheese was probably from a tube.
Potato wedges soggy as well.
I left half my meal, the only thing up to scratch was the coke and the service. Will not be back.


If the name of the shop is written in english then they should speak english, yes! A pokey shithole trying to give the impression of a quaint li'l ole bookshop. Pig-ignorant staff, never been greeted with a smile there, nor even greeted. If you must shop here, bring your own bag. 1 star earned for selection and the (for me) convenient location.