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thanks tigertiger,

it sounds like theres more going on that xuzhou anyway.

does anyone know what the job situation is like for teaching english? im looking for part time work for the moment.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Living in Yunnan


Thanks for the reply. I've been in Xuzhou Jiangsu for the last year and just decided to leave because i want a nicer climate and cleaner air. and see another part of china.

Im sure Kunming has its pollution but some days i cant see out my window with the smog. and ive been sick a lot.

So if i can go outside everyday and there are couple of cafes and bars make a trip to Dali etc, then thats all i need.

I'll be living on jian she road.

An arts centre? nothing like that in Xuzhou! is it contemporary stuff?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Living in Yunnan

KM is depressing? really?! oh man, im moving there in a couple of weeks...

can anyone give a better review of the place?!


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@tallamerican, exactly what happened to me. i think its the beans because i had the same problem a few months from the mexican breakfast.