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Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa run(s)

I am quite sure I need one having been there 3x plus being an American. Interesting though, that swedes get a free pass.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa run(s)

Searched thoroughly online and on this site before posting this. I know visa questions can get redundant as every foreigner here is dealing with this to one degree or another. But I could not find anything recent or comprehensive enough.

So...can anyone give me an overview on visa runs here in Kunming.

What is the cost difference between going to Vietnam vs Laos? How much further is Laos? Is the visa on arrival enough reason to travel the extra distance to Laos? Can it be done in one day?

If anyone can help me fill in the gaps, I'd appreciate it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sports / soccer shop in Kunming

Yeah if you're looking for authentic my guess is, considering your name is Jon, buy it wherever you're from. I actually second the question though, where the best place to buy football/soccer gear in kmg?

Forums > Living in Kunming > How is the Air Quality?

Thanks for the information. Thought I had read somewhere about fracking in Yunnan. Which immediately raised my concern. Now being here and noticing some odd things from showering... eyes burning, abnormal skin reaction, thought it worth asking.


No results found.


Anyone seen the "Zoology water closet" by Dian Chi? Some sort of utility building..but the sign makes me curious about whats really inside

Not Kunming specific but an interesting article nonetheless.


Not to get self righteous. But its pretty disgusting what humans do to their environment... And China is certainly at the forefront of that destruction.

At whatever point a city starts drawing Kathmandu comparisons its not good. Certainly seems whoever is calling the shots around here, is hell bent on ruining a place that used to be nice.



Previous poster has it right, this is one of the best bakeries in Asia, let alone in China.

Whoever runs the place clearly knows what they are doing. Staff is really well trained, friendly and the place is extremely clean. I ate here multiple times, everything I had was excellent. The sandwiches in particular are good.

Maybe if I'm at home I dont give 5 stars...but after months of suffering through Chinese food or overpaying for really bad western food. This place is a dream come true.


Funny that educated man's negative review seems to have been completely drowned out by positive reviews. And a response from the employee he called out.

I stayed at LG awhile back. No complaints. For the price you pay the accommodation is good value. The staff all provided good service in my experience.

Duly noted by everyone the pizza is good. In fact every meal I had was pretty good, minus one salad. Nowhere is perfect. Compared to what else is on offer in Kunming, its hard to beat. Will be back for the food.


Don't really understand all the negative reviews. Maybe things have changed, maybe I got lucky with what I ordered. I dont know.

I'll preface this by saying I've had great Indian food in India, and in the states. Think the meal I had here was fairly respectable. It wasn't great, but it was recognizable as Indian food and the Lassi was good.

It wasn't cheap but the price wasn't too high. Not bad considering there wasn't a south Asian in sight. Also not bad when you glance next door to the Chinese restaurant and see whats being served looks like some type of animal abortion.


Eaten here a couple times. Found it to be pretty decent. Prices not too unreasonable, particularly their lunch menu. Sandwiches above average by Asian standards, so relatively speaking good. Manager seemed to care if I enjoyed the food, which, is the main reason I bothered to write this review. I've become so used to indifference it threw me off a little.