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Batman is a rich butthole...He sits in his mansion all day just chillen! We need superman to take out walmart..Superman could have all the money he wanted, but only lives on a reporters salary..which is less and less i would assume.

Forums > Food & Drink > Metro again

I have to agree with tiger, I got a membership card super easily. No one has pissed on me or anything i am about to eat..haha...Like i said before, on weekday afternoons its quite and easy to shop there.. never asked to leave my bag or check my purchases...a quick stamp and off i go..

"Beatifying brilliance. Lovingly homely. Amazing new freshly. Stockingly pure. Facing futureness. Modernity definitive" ahahhah

Forums > Food & Drink > Metro again

I live near the metro, Its only a 5-10 min drive. Getting a membership only takes 15 min. (and you can park for free)..I park at the metro when i go anywhere around that neighborhood. I would not drive an hour to shop at the metro, but getting the card is easy and if you go during a weekday in the afternoon you have the place to yourself.


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I feel this should not be about politics! The facts are some people,(unarmed people) whatever country they may be from. Went mountain climbing..and were gunned down by pussies, most likely brainwashed into hating something they don't understand. To blame America or China OR Pakistan for that matter...for the actions of some terrorists is giving them(the gunmen) exactly what they want!

Not sure who you are calling a victim? But I would find that more offensive than anything that was said in these posts! Nobody is a "victim" here.

I agree with Bluppfisk! nobody wants to talk about the topic!! Most of you are all mesmerized by the cheetah sweater and my fist comment!

Also ...Fact ...If i meet Jim I would 100% ask him about the Cheetah print!! For one, Its awesome!! Two, How often do you see a dude rocking a cheetah print ?? Three, Its funny, I bet Jim has a better sense of humor then the GoKunming crew!

Part of being an adult is telling people to keep there fucking mouths shut!!!hahahaha. Way to show us, Dan mature! maybe you could open a clinic and teach the rest of us how to act!

Interesting that you have nothing to say other than its "interesting! hahah!! this is what i am talking about!! Fine ...I guess its up to me again!..What i found interesting is the early 90s talk, about meeting people that have not meet westerners in there lives! Think about how much life has changed in china in the last 20 years ...whatever Jim's like to wear, he is a lucky man To see things that will not be seen again!



This is a place where i was let down ...While the price is great ...even super cheap on the half price day...The pizza itself was like something you would get at a 7-11. While drunk in a last ditch effort to soak up some booze before you pass out. The cheese was the main offender! Service was friendly if not helpful...really was not going to come from behind the counter unless He really had to!


Oreillys is another place i have enjoyed. Prices are fair and the food is tasty! Burger was legit!! fish and chips not bad either. Guy that runs the place seems like a nice dude. ....Only thing that I would say was not on point is the environment.The bar itself looks awesome (maybe even a little too clean). What i mean is, You walk into the bar and all the staff (like 5+) are just standing there starring into space. In the corner there is like an owners crew speaking in french. Our waiter asked us if the food was good like 5 times.hahahah One of these things would not matter but all together makes a bizarre atmosphere. All in all will be back for sure..


A little bored during the holiday...So I feel like reviewing the spots i have ate at so far......First the good, Sals is great! Everything I have had was nice. I have read on this site that people think it is expensive ...I am not one of them. Prices are totally fair for what you get! Not to mention IPA, reason enuff for me to hang out. Also the staff is super nice ...the other day i saw some drunken girl throw a cocktail at the staff ..they just cleaned it up and brought us new drinks(people sitting next to her)..much nicer then I would have been!! hahahah