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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner waiter's salary?

Your first post was already closer to what I was expecting as an answer. Others mostly talked for 'participating'. My flatmate earns 50 an hour for a job alike. But I didn't want to mention it.
But thanks to everyone :]
(no need for further debate.)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner waiter's salary?

I'd like an advice on what amount I could ask per hour, working as a foreigner waiter.
My employer is foreigner as well. He could give me 6-7 hours a day, 2-3 times a week. But couldn't tell me a price, neitheir did I.


Forums > Living in Kunming > Mysteriously huge water bill

Hey Andrew, a very similar phenomenom happened to me. The meter was outside fortunately so I could check and see that little black wheel spinning full speed ahead, all faucet closed, no leak anywhere.

I found out, closing a valve, that it solved my problem.
The pipe, to which this valve was connected, seemed to be related with some water tank, maybe the one on the roof? I've no idea. And it was in the kichen.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Visa for China, give me tips

When I read articles like the recent posted one about Brice Mathey making a Shelter in 怒江, I can't stop asking myself what kind of visa do they bear.

I've been struggling for a month to get a visa.

Student visa? I would have to pay and attend classes I don't need anymore, as I already have a decent level.
Working visa? I need to provide a certificate like the TEFL, translate from French into Chinese a no criminal records document and my degree (+notorization), not to mention I'd have to wait a month to get necessary documents from the employer (who won't need me anymore).

All I came up with is making a visa request for marrying my Chinese girlfriend (yes, it's mostly for her that I need to get back in China).
But this almost looks like a convenience marriage, as it is a bit early.

What kind of visa do people have?
Does entering with a tourist visa, renewing it, flying to HK, still an efficient and feasible trick? I never did it, where can I get more information about it?

Many thanks to the community for all its upcoming help!


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