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well, happy to c there are some few book lovers left, such as john and ness... my lonely life feels less alone...

for next meeting, i propose ancient greek meeting with ancient india

1 dionysos travel to india: a must read poem by nonnus of panoplis (b careful! unfortunatly too much violence, like in most greeks' public myths. they mzy have learned non-violence from india)

2 scepticism, already present in socrate's confession of ignorance, took a strong breathe when inquiring indians' culture and buddhism, starting with pirrho

therefore we may read sextus empiricus: outline of pyrrhonism

ok la?


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joost is a cool guy, peace and love to him and family

i remember that page of magister ludy by herman hesse went off at moondog, talking about pythagoras, the ancient greek mathematicyan and philosopher

peta gora!